CEO Appointment Letter Template

A chief executive officer is the most highly ranked person in the company. He is responsible for taking all the major decisions of the company he is working in. All the people who work in the same company do everything under the supervision of the chief executive officer. The owner of the company who wants his company to run smoothly by experts usually hires the director. In most cases, the owner of the company himself is the CEO. However, when a qualified person is required to run the business, the CEO from outside is chosen. The company can also choose the CEO from the existing workers of the company who outperforms others.

What is a CEO appointment letter?

When a person is chosen as perfect for the post of chief executive officer, he is sent the appointment letter. Through this letter, the selected person is informed about the decision of the company to choose him to work on the highest rank of the company.

An appointment letter is a formal letter that lets him know that he has been chosen as a director of the company and he should be ready to work on the post as soon as possible.

What information should be included in the appointment letter written to the CEO?

If you have been tasked to write to the person who is going to be the future decision-makers of the company, you need to be a little more cautious. For this purpose, you need to know that you have added the required details to this letter well.

Below are some details that you can add to the appointment letter:

  • Congratulate the reader:

For someone you are writing to, it is big news that they have been selected on the highest post of the company. So, congratulate them first for being the ones who have been selected.

  • Mention the date of joining:

The appointment letter is not written just to inform the recipient about his selection. Rather, it is written to communicate an important piece of information to him. For example, in this letter, you can tell the recipient that when he is expected to join the company. By mentioning the date, you can clearly state this information.

  • Make a list of terms and conditions:

As a matter of fact, there are terms and conditions to work on any post in any company. These terms should be clear to the person joining that company so that he reconsiders his decision of working as a CEO in that company. There should not be any kind of ambiguity in this letter.

Sample Letter


Name of the recipient:
Complete address of the recipient

Subject: Appointment letter as CEO for [X]

Dear (use the second name with the salutation),

We are very happy to let you know that we have decided to appoint you as the CEO of ABC Enterprises. Your job in the company will be started from 15th Feb 2021 on the terms and conditions given below:

  1. Your basic salary will be [X] which will be paid to you by 5 of every month.
  2. Your accommodation and transportation allowance will be [X].
  3. The company will revise the salary after seeing your performance and once your probation period of 8 months is over.
  4. Your working hours according to the labor law will be 50 hours per week.
  5. While you work as CEO of ABC enterprises, you are not allowed to make any commitment related to work with any other organization.
  6. You will be given an annual leave of [X] days.
  7. If you want to terminate an employee, you will be required to give him the notification of one month.
  8. You shall not be allowed to disclose confidential information of the company to anyone.

Please affix your signatures on the copy of this document and send it back to us with acceptance of the terms and conditions that have been mentioned in this letter. We are looking forward to your kind reply.

Thank you


Name of the company,
Sender’s name
Designation of the sender in the company
Signatures of the sender

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