Authorization Letter Format with Sample

We need to give authorization to someone to take action on our behalf in our absence. This is done when there is a need to do so. Certain tasks need to be carried out without a break. However, we often need a break, and, in that situation, we can ask someone else to accomplish those tasks on our behalf when we are not around.

What is an authorization letter?

This letter is used to authorize a particular person to perform several types of tasks. The letter targets a single person to perform those tasks. The most common use of the authorization letter is in the scenario when you want someone to use your bank account and you know that the bank will not allow anyone due to security issues. You write a permission letter to the bank letting it know that you have granted permission to someone to use your account and that bank should not have any objection.

How to write the letter of authorization?

  1. Provide your details in the letter so that you can be identified easily by the recipient of the letter.
  2. Provide the details of the person you are giving authorization to.
  3. Tell that how that person being authorized related to you or how you know him.
  4. Specify all those tasks that you want the person who has been given the authorization to do when you are not around.
  5. For security reasons, you can also specify those tasks which the person is permitted is not allowed to do.
  6. If you want to permit for a specific time period, you should mention the starting and ending dates of that period.

What is the format of the letter of authorization?

It is important to note here that you always write this letter to professional people. There is no need to write these letters to your relatives or friends. For example, you might need to write this letter to bank authorities so that they can let the person you are mentioning in the letter use your account. Similarly, you can write to your lawyer to let him know that who will follow the case proceedings in your absence. Hence, knowing the format is a must.

I, authorise (mention the name of the person who is being granted the permission) to perform (mention list of tasks) due to (mention the reason)

The authorised person is allowed to

  • Enlist them here


  • Enlist them here

Here are a few terms and conditions in which the authorisation is applicable:

  • Enlist all terms and conditions here

Here are the details of the authorised person

Enlist all details here

Note that mentioning terms and conditions is not mandatory. Also, there is no special need to enlist the tasks. you can simply write them in the form of a paragraph.

Sample letter

Name of the recipient:

Recipient’s company name

Address of the recipient


Subject: authorization letter

I authorize Mr. ABC to take certain actions on my behalf such as withdrawing money from my account, paying rent of my house, using my property such as car while I am not present to handle all these things. There are a few things that I don’t authorize MR. ABC for such as conducting the sale and purchase of my property, transferring money from my account to some other account. This authorization will be valid from 1st Feb 20XX to 21st March 20XX. I reiterate here that the person being authorized will not be able to take any action on my behalf after the authorization period ends.

Mr. ABC is my younger brother and I trust him. He is allowed to sign all the documents and perform all the tasks which are in the scope of the tasks that he has been authorized to do.

I am providing identity information of the person being given authorization such as name, CNIC details, residential address, contact details, passport details, and much more.

Authorized person: Mr. ABC
Document used for identification: ID card
ID card number: [X]

Signatures of the person being authorized: __________________

Authorization start date: 1st Feb 20XX
Authorization end date: 31st Feb 20XX 


Name of the sender
Sender’s designation in the company
Sender’s signatures

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