Behavior Warning Letters

Warning letter for unprofessional behavior

As discussed with you in the meeting, we received a complaint against you last week. We have been notified that you are not meeting your deadlines and did not report to your manager in time with a clear reasoning. We have very high expectations from you and every employee should follow the office policies. Not completing your task on time and not informing your line manager is not acceptable. As you have been one of our senior employees and you have never done any breach before, we are issuing this letter as a first warning.

Warning letter for unacceptable behavior

It has been brought to my attention that you have been found misbehaving with your fellow colleagues. As the manager of this department, it is my job to make sure that no one disrespects other employees. The essence ofteam work should stay no matter what.

I would highly encourage if you can sort out your differences with any of your colleagues and improve your behavior during office timings. Please take this warning seriously, as we will taking a strict action against you if you repeat your behavior. We expect you to rectify your behavior and abstain from doing this again.

Warning letter for disrespectful behavior

Please take this letter as a warning for your disrespectful behavior with the client. Our company has always felt proud of the customer service we offer. But recently, due to the heated argument you had with the client, our reputation seems at stake.

We expect all our employees to maintain cordial relationships with the clients and provide them with the best possible customer service. We would like you to fix this situation by politely apologizing to the client. We hope you will maintain professional behavior in the future.

Warning letter for fraud

This letter is a warning against your behavior for committing fraud. During the auditor’s review, we have discovered that you are creating fake employees in the system and collecting salaries on their behalf. This is highly unethical and classifies as a fraud. Due to your reputation and the time you have spent with us, we are giving you a warning.

We expect you to give up any unethical practices. If you repeat this crime in the future, we will have no other option but to terminate you and call press charges against you.

Warning letter for theft

This is a warning letter as you have been caught committing a serious crime of theft on the inventory floor. While reviewing the camera recording, we found you stealing office stationery and carrying it back home with you. The office stationery is office property and should not be carried back home by any employee.

We want to warn you against your behavior and would request you to return all the items back to the company. If we ever caught you repeating this act, we will have to terminate you without any further notice.

Warning letters for violation of company policy


The reason for writing this letter is to remind you of the company policy and the violations you have committed. As you know, discussing salary is not a good practice at work and it makes you sound unethical as well. We have heard from some of your colleagues that you have been asking regarding their salaries.

We have also caught you going through the monthly payroll. This is against our company policy and such behavior cannot be tolerated. I am sure that you understand the nature of the violation committed by you and you will try to avoid such behavior in the future.


The company is happy to reimburse any business expenses but that does not include any personal lunches. The expense must be discussed and approved beforehand. You requested a reimbursement for the lunch on Saturday, which is not a working day and does not qualify as a business expense.

You requested for personal reimbursements in the past as well. Please consider this a serious warning as the company will not pay for any of your personal expenses. It would be better if you try to avoid such behavior in the future.


This letter serves as a warning notice for you and your colleagues who have been caught smoking in the lobby and the canteen area. We have made it clear that no employee can smoke within the office. Dedicated spaces have been allocated for smoking.

Smoking within the premises is considered a serious breach of the company policies. If any of the employees are found smoking in the future, they will be terminated then and there.