Secret Santa Gift Tags

Embellish your presents with Secret Santa gift tags:

Gifts are mainstreams, but not with their gift tags! Now, with the anonymous gifts, you can add the gift tags as well. A gift tag adds an extra value to presents making the unwrapping or unboxing experience all that more remarkable.

The suspense reaches its peak when they see an additional text within the gift. This is the beauty of Secret Santa trend; spread the love with anonymity!  Here are few points that can help you in preparing your gift tags:

  1. The formal heartfelt wishes have the power to brighten anyone’s day and lift up their mood. The contrasting colors can highlight your gifts to a greater extent, making them stand out amongst the pile of gifts. The wishes can range from:
  2. Be merry and bright.
  3. Be joyful.
  4. Hello Winter!
  5. Keep smiling.
  6. Live long.   

You can add anything you want to. It depends on the relation you have with people around you! Don’t miss this anonymous chance to flauntyour Christmas present.

  • Emojis are all over the socializing apps. At times, they are the better conversation carrier than words. You don’t necessarily have to write anything to convey something polite and meaningful. A simple smiley emoji or a sticker is also enough to enhance the specialty of your gift.  
  • Handwritten notes are always special. The fact that someone used your favorite color to write makes it extra mesmerizing. Take out your colorful pens and pencils to give your gift tags an artistic touch! 
  • If you don’t trust your handwriting to be remarkable enough, you can always take a shortcut and opt for beautifully printed words. Not just words, you can add the glamor by printing unique designs and geometrical patterns.
  • Customization allows you to be precise with your surprise! You can add the picture of your loved ones with a sweet nickname to express your love for them. This step ahead will surely take them off guard!

Advantages of using gift tags:

The concept of secret Santa makes everything entertaining. You will see people of different ages contributing to this fun activity! As mentioned above, you can mold your Christmas gifts into perfection by using the gift tags. The benefits of using gift tags are defined as:

  1.  You always see branded items with a personalized tag. Ever wondered why? Well, tags are most known for implanting a luxurious look onto the diverse things. Gift tags also have the ability to make your gifts look superior and luxurious.
  2. Your gift tags can also tell a story about your gifts through your chosen colors, designs, and words.
  3. Gift tags set a high standard of the gift no matter how simple the gift is. They know how to earn thumbs up pretty well!
  4. In addition to the luxurious look, gift tags give an impression of professionalism, making the overall appearance of the gift wholesome; be it formal or informal.
  5. Gift tags have the power to literally steal the attention. Grabbing attention is a real game changer!

Apply this gifting technique, and be a best version of your Secret Santa!

Secret Santa gift tag templates