Office Secret Santa Gift Exchange List

Secret Santa Gift Exchange List:

It is that time of the year where people bake cookies and decorate their Christmas trees! You cannot just enjoy Christmas at your house, but you can also have fun at your office!

Get ready to organize a Secret Santa gift exchange program and see how thrilling it gets! Start with the invitations and to make things easier, you can make a Secret Santa gift exchange list.

All you have to do is categorize the list between your male and female peers and add the things you find suitable in each category. Keep the price limit in your mind while you are making the list. Below are some affordable things that you can add to your Office Secret Santa gift exchange list:

For men:

Tie: Men would love to receive a tie. Dressing up for Christmas is always fun, especially if they have formal dinnersto look forward to! Just make sure that the color is sober and decent.

Pens: Pens are something that men lose quite frequently. Nothing would make your male peers smile other than the set of good-looking gel pens. Make them sign with style!

Socks: Men don’t go anywhere without socks. You can either keep them simple or you can choose to buy the funky ones! Winters are incomplete without socks.

Alarm clocks: Your colleagues might hate you for gifting this, but alarm clocks are a treat even if they don’t acknowledge it. Being punctual is always good for health!

For women:

Nail polish: We all know the undying love women have for nail polish. No matter how many shades they already have, they always want more anyway. Give them a shade that can go well with the Christmas.

Socks: Socks are gender neutral. They aren’t exactly a part of their get up, but women love to wear them with their sweat pants.

Notepads: Women generally prefer to keep diaries and write poetic verses. Notepads or diaries will certainly unleash their writing potential.

Chocolates: Christmas and chocolates have a great chemistry together! Your female peers will remember you for a lifetime.

These are some common things that your office colleagues would love to have as Christmas gifts. You can extend the list as per your choice and the preference of your peers.


A secret Santa gift exchange list isn’t necessary, but it does have the following advantages:

  1. Saves time: people don’t have to invest their time in thinking what they have to buy for their assigned partners. They can easily pick up one of the following things from the list which also keeps the gift within the affordable range.
  2. Convenient: people normally have a formal relationship with each other in a working environment and they are not close enough to know that what they would prefer. A gift exchange list can be a helping handin such scenarios.

Invite your co-workers and have fun in your office this Christmas!

Office secret santa gift exchange list