Employee Sickness Holiday Schedule Template

A company needs to care for its employees if it wants a healthy working environment to be present which can result in company success. We are humans and employees can be sick at any time. A company must handle this properly so that no disturbance occurs in the functioning of the company.

A company may have a certain policy in place concerning employee leave. If an employee exceeds these number of days, the manager will need to consult them. The boss needs to know when every employee was absent and for what reason. An employee sickness holiday schedule is important here.

What is an employee sickness holiday schedule?

This is a schedule that is regarded as a staff sickness holiday planner. It is used to record the days a certain employee was off work due to sickness.

Employee sickness holiday schedule template
Employee sickness holiday schedule template

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What does an employee sickness holiday schedule do?

The schedule will include the names of all employees along with when they did not attend work due to sickness. This can then be used to see which employees are off work due to sickness. When a certain employee is off work due to sickness, the employer can arrange for another employee to work in their place.

How to create an employee sickness holiday schedule:

You need to make an employee sickness holiday schedule carefully so that it can fulfill its purpose. The below tips can be considered when making the schedule:


You will need to think about how you want to record employee sickness holidays so that you can choose the right application to do this. Spreadsheets can be used for instance. You can use Microsoft Excel to make these spreadsheets.

Format of schedule:

The document needs to have a heading so that those who read it and need to fill it in will immediately know what it is about. The heading can be “Employee Sickness Holiday Schedule” for instance. You can then make a table that records the information. Make sure that the table looks professional and that there are no errors when making it so that the reader will regard it as being important.

Details to include:

Include the year that the schedule is concerned with. State which department is being considered. You can include the name of the manager of the department. You can then add a table that has rows that state the names of the employees.

All employees will have a separate row. You can then have columns for the months of the year. The details will be filled in according to how many sick leaves the employee has in a certain month. You will need to include a column that records the total number of sick leave holidays.

If the company has a policy that only allows a certain number of sick leave holidays, a column can be present that states this. You will then be able to see whether a certain employee has exceeded the number of sick leave holidays that they are allowed to take in a certain month or year.

Importance of an employee sickness holiday schedule:

This holiday schedule is important for those businesses that want to record how many sick leave holidays their employees had. The schedule lets the business see whether there is a pattern in these holidays so that they can know which employees to consult due to this. It can be tough for a company to arrange for someone else to work in the employee’s place when they are on sick leave therefore the company needs to know which employees are making it tough for the company to function effectively.

This schedule will let the boss know which employees are causing problems and taking too many holidays. The boss can then contact them directly to see what illness they have that is causing them to be absent from work for many days.

This schedule therefore can help a company function better as it will know which employees are taking sick leave even though they do not need this. In case there is any issue that arises later on where the employee claims that the boss did not let them take sick leave, this schedule can be consulted to see if this is true.


Sickness holiday schedule template