Application for Bank Account Closure

Closing a bank account becomes one of the biggest concerns of people because usually, they don’t have much knowledge about the process they need to go through to close the account properly. When we write an application to the bank asking to close a bank account, we often don’t add relevant and important details. Sometimes, we also add wrong details not considering the seriousness of the application that causes so many problems to us in the long run.

What is the application for closure of the bank account?

This is a kind of application that you write when we want to request the bank officials to close our bank account. No matter in which bank you own a bank account, you will always be required to write the application to get your account closed.

Tips to write:

  1. Your request letter should be short and based on only 2 or 3 paragraphs. Simply request by providing your details and add something you think is too important to specify.
  2. Some customers are angry when they ask the bank to close their account because the customer services are really bad. If this is the case with you, you should remain calm and polite so that you don’t make a bad impression on the bank before leaving.

Things to do before you write the account closure application:

  1. Make an outline or a rough draft of the letter. Check if the letter is concise and to the point. If not, make it.
  2. Make a subject of the letter so that the reader gets the idea as to what your letter is about.
  3. as soon he reads the subject.
  4. Collect all the personal details that you want to add to the application letter. You should try to figure out what information will be required by the bank. For example, the ban account number, your identity number, etc. must be added to your application.

How to write the application for closure of the bank account?

Show a positive attitude:

At the start of the letter, you should show a positive attitude towards the bank authorities. For example, you can admire the customer services of the bank. Even if you are not satisfied with the services, there is no need to bring that up because you are ending your relationship with the bank.

Another way to show a positive attitude is to thank the bank authorities for being so kind to you and providing its facilities.

Describe the reason:

The bank would like to know the reason why you have decided to close the account. So, provide the reason. However, remember that it is not mandatory to provide the reason, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, don’t write the reason.

Provide required details:

In some cases, the bank provides the request form to be filled by the customer who wants to close the account. However, if this is not the case, writing a letter with relevant details will be mandatory for you. The letter should highlight all those details that the bank needs to determine which account to close and when.

Provide additional details:

There might be some details that you need to provide to the bank to make sure that you have cleared your position. For example, inform the bank that you have returned the checkbook as well as the ATM card of the ban since the account is going to be closed and you don’t need them anymore.

Also, inform the bank that if they do not close the account and you are asked to make any kind of transaction, you will not do anything about this matter.

Request at the end:

At the end of the letter, request to close your account. In case you have some balance in the account, you can ask the bank to return you that money also. The request should be made politely. Ask the bank to contact you on the phone number you will mention in the letter at the end in order to obtain any other information you have given a miss.

Sample Application

Subject: Application for bank account closure

Dear Manager,

You will agree that I have always adhered to the rules and regulations of the bank till now. I am holding a saving account number [X] with your bank. All my business transactions took place through your bank and I enjoyed my business relations with you. But now I am shifting my company from Michigan to Manhattan. It is impossible for me to operate my account while living outside my home state. Therefore, I am forwarding you a formal request of account closure.

From now onward, don’t send me advertisements for your promotions. I have paid the full annual dues of my account and I think my application is enough to close my account. With immediate closure effective from [DATE], I request you not to proceed with any transaction which takes place through my account henceforth. I have attached the checkbook, cards, and passbook with this application.

I know that I have US$ 400 in my account. I want that amount to be transferred to another account number mentioned below. I request you to start the process as early as possible. I would appreciate it if you confirmed my account closure status through return mail. If I am supposed to do anything else in this regard, please let me know at your earliest. I am waiting for your positive response.



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