Apology Letters for Rude Behavior

If your behavior was bad and you have really hurt someone with your behavior, apologizing can save the relation. In such a situation, you can write an apology letter and ask the recipient for forgiveness for whatever happened.

An offensive behavior is what nobody tolerates. When you get so rude and annoying because of any reason, you really make the others feel bad. Writing the apology letters can help you say sorry for unpleasant behavior.

There is no justification for behaving poorly. No matter what caused you to behave offensive, it is always advisable to express your guilt by writing an apology letter. When you have done a mistake and hurt someone’s feelings, you can calm down the other person by apologizing.

What is an apology letter?

An apology letter is a formal letter which is written by a person when he/she feels regret for whatever unpleasant happened because of their mistake.

An apology letter is a very effective letter when you are serious about transforming your negative act into a positive change. You can build a good relationship with the recipient by apologizing.

Tips for writing apology letter:

It is important for you to know what to include once you have decided to pen down your feelings of guilt and regret. There should not be such wording in the letter that makes the recipient feel more annoying.

For example, you should not give justification for your bad behavior. You should tell the recipient that you have no reason for behaving like that. The letter should be able to show your feelings of regret. For this, choose natural tone and words. Make the reader feel that it was not purposing to disrespect him. Show the respect and value of the recipient through apology letter.

Apology letters are written in almost every organization. Students write these letters when they misbehave with their teacher or principal. The employees also write an apology letter to their employer.

It is important to keep the relationship positive with the people who you work with. A relationship can be strengthened with the help of an apology letter.

1- Apology letter for rude behavior with the boss

Dear Sir,

I am apologetic for my behavior on [date]. I did not mean to be rude; however, I was not in the right state of mind at that moment due to some personal issues that I am suffering from. Therefore, when you said ‘xxx’, unintentionally I took it personally, which I should not have.

2- Apology letter for rude behavior with colleague/co-worker

Dear Mankiw,

I am writing to apologize for my rude behavior on [date]. I had been having a rough day and when you made a joke, I lost my cool for a moment. I later realized that my answer was a tad rude, hence apologies for that.

3- Apology letter for rude behavior with manager

Dear Ms. Amy,

This is to apologize for my behavior in Thursday discussion. I did not intend to enter into a disagreement with you. While I know I should have tackled the argument more maturely, I would like you to understand my mental condition given the recent death of my mother. I am still unable to handle the loss and my emotions are not stable.

4- Apology letter for rude behavior with a friend

Dearest Ian,

I am truly sorry for my rude behavior with you in our last meet up. I was having a bad week and my nerves were already on edge. Unfortunately, my responses were not appropriate, and our discussion turned heated. Therefore, I am writing to say sorry to my dear friend.

5- Apology letter for rude behavior with a family member

Dear Claire,

I am writing to apologize for my rude behavior at the family dinner last weekend. As you know, I have been through a bad breakup recently; your opinions hit a raw nerve in me and I became angry. I did not mean to lecture you.

6- Apology letter for rude behavior with a neighbor

Dear Harry,

I am writing to offer my sincerest apologies for my behavior yesterday. My comments were totally uncalled for and I should have restrained from passing judgments on your decision. I hope you can forgive me for overstepping my toes.

7- Apology letter for rude behavior with girl/boyfriend

Dearest Mike,

I am sorry for my behavior at last night’s party. I love you. I was unreasonably jealous of your friends. I have realized my mistake and want to apologize by taking you out for a 2-day trip. I hope you can forgive me and let me make it up to you.

8- Apology letter for rude behavior with a teacher

Dear Ms. Florentine,

I am sorry for my behavior in yesterday’s class. I should have been respectful and behaved better. You shall not see me repeating such rude behavior again.

9- Apology letter for rude behavior with a class fellow

Dear Sammy,

I am sorry for misbehaving with you. I was not feeling well and became short-tempered. You were right about me being irritable and I lashed out at you. I apologize for my behavior.