Apology Letter for Forged Signatures

You are expected to write an apology whenever you make a mistake. Remember that, admitting the mistake and feeling regretful about it will never lessen your respect. Rather, it shows that you are a person who is mature enough to understand whenever something bad happens.  

Why it is important to say sorry for forgery?

If you have been convicted of the forgery crime, you should know that the only way to escape the situation is to say sorry. When you write the apology, you let the reader know that you are aware of your mistake, and you are ready to take steps to rebuild the trust. 

It also helps you make an impression on people who have already started to think of you as a negative person who can commit the crime of faking the signatures of someone. When you write the letter to express how remorseful you are and express your willingness to accept the penalty, it shows that you are not writing the letter of regret to escape the situation but because you have realized how offensive your crime was.

How to write the apology letter for forgery?

Writing the apology letter requires you to be mindful of what you are writing and how you are going to convey your apology to the reader. Follow the tips given below and write an effective letter to express regret.

Know the policy of the institute:

In most situations, institutes are written the apology letter. If this is the case, you must know the policy of the institute. This way, you will be able to know how the institute is likely to deal with you in case you promise not to forge the signatures of anyone ever again. 

Try to understand the situation:

Although writing an apology letter is a best practice when you have committed a crime, it is better to analyze the situation and try to evaluate whether it is viable to write the apology or not.

Don’t give justification:

Sometimes, we feel that giving explanations can save us. However, we don’t know the difference between explanation and justification. Our justification looks as if we are trying to prove that whatever we have done was right and we are not feeling regretful and apologizing just to save the relationship. Due to this, no matter how you choose to say sorry, never use words like if and buts.

Explain the crime:

Let the reader know how you forged signatures what was your purpose behind it. Also, inform him that you have realized your mistake and you know that whatever you have done is a serious offense. The explanation should be brief, and it should not be biased. 

Proofread the letter well:

Your letter should not include any mistakes. If you left any mistake in the letter, the reader will understand that you are a non-serious person. Ask someone to read the letter for you and pinpoint your mistakes. 

Below is a sample letter of regret that a student has written to the principal of the school after he has come to know that forgery is a wrong act, and he can be punished for it.

Sample letter:

Please accept my apologies for having forged the signatures of (mention the name of the person) on the result card. My result was not meeting the expectations of my parents and I was afraid that they might get angry over it. Due to this, I did not show them my result and forged their signatures. 

I was not intended to receive you. I had no idea that I was doing something very offensive. However, now I have realized it and I am feeling sorry for forging. 

I have learned a lesson from this and I assure you that I will never forge signatures of you or anyone else in the future. I am also ready to accept the punishment whatever the school feels necessary for me. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please meet me in person if you have anything to discuss with me on this matter. 


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