Warning Letter for Dress Code Violation


Re. Addressed Dress Code Problems Reported by Manager

Dear [NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE], this letter has been drafted with reference to its subject to address the problems with dress codes and the violation observed even after a verbal warning. It has been observed that you have been more obstinate in what you do regardless of what is acceptable in the company and what is not permitted. Hence, to address the issue, this letter shall discuss the important dress code references and the consequences of continuous violation.

The letter serves as a warning notice; thus, it needs to be answered with a show-cause notice to the manager.

[NAME OF THE COMPANY] has registered its dress code policy for the unproblematic implementation and professional handling of the workforce. The companies with a professional workforce put due emphasis on wearing the right kind of attire of the workforce.

Our company, whenever hires a new employee, provides the person with a joining letter along with other documents that register the important dress code rules that must be observed on weekdays while coming to the office. It is expected that you are not aware of the dress code policies and office attire of a professional employee.

Thus, an attachment as ANNEX-I shows the dress code policy of the company with highlighted bullets to be carefully observed at your end. The highlighted points have been violated by you as reported by your manager.

Dear [NAME], the policies are made to implement an important working atmosphere in the company. Continuous violation of office policies can hinder the goal of achieving ultimate professionalism. Therefore, you are warned to get compliant with the dress code policy of the workplace, otherwise, certain unpleasant consequences can take place.

You are a competent worker who puts in so much hard work and contributes much to make this organization stronger and well-reputed. We want you to look the way you work. I hope we will not get the complaint regarding your dress code anymore after this warning letter.

In case you are unsure about the dress code policy of the company, you can send me a note via email at [EMAIL] or can unhesitatingly meet your manager to discuss this. Thank you for taking out time to read this.

Best Regards

Warning Letter for Dress Code Violation

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Re. Warning Letter on the Dress Code Violation


With reference to the above-cited subject, this is to inform you that you have been reported to be wearing proscribed attire by the general manager. You are not permitted to wear unprofessional attire in this office. In case of non-compliance, punitive measures can be taken that can disrupt the working and professional atmosphere of the company. Each company has its framework of working and regulatory dress code prescriptions. The one who does not comply with the prescribed dress code can meet unpleasant consequences.

In [NAME OF THE COMPANY], an employee is not permitted to wear dresses like tight and revealing attire, jeans with rips and frays, and extremely fashionable and unprofessionally stylish accessories. An employee should mind what he/she is wearing while coming to the office from attire to footwear, fragrances, hair, and accessories. An employee should look like a professional worker who gives ultimate importance to what he/she wears.

An employee with no sense of professional dress code is not appreciated. It is important for you, your colleagues, office environments, and your clients. A professional outlook yields desired results.

Male staff members are required to wear full-sleeved shirts with dress trousers but not khakis with appropriate accessories like watches and rings. Too fancy rings and pendants are not allowed. Joggers and tights are also prohibited dress codes.

All kinds of shirts with collars are allowed. One can wear a sports coat or do commendable changes to the prescribed dress code during extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the office is completely equipped with appropriate heating and cooling systems, therefore, you are required to not make too many additions to your attire.

A well-tailored employee catches more clientage than the untailored and ungroomed one. If you have more questions regarding dress code implementations, the attached file can satisfy your question. Please read the attached rules and regulations regarding the dress codes carefully. Any further violation shall result in strict actions. Thank you.


Warning Letter for Dress Code Violation

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