Apology Letter for not Following Procedure

What is an apology letter for not following procedures?

It is a type of formal letter that expresses the regret of the sender on not being able to follow procedures. People make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Considering the nature of the mistake and the history of the person, the apology letter can be written.

In this letter, the person shows that he is feeling sorry for showing disobedience. The boss is likely to forgive the person if the sorry letter is written effectively.

Importance of writing the sorry letter for showing noncompliance with the instructions:

No matter where you are working, you are bound to follow the procedures stated by your manager. If you don’t follow, you commit an offensive mistake and you will be held responsible for any type of consequences. Employers tend to dismiss their workers from the job or suspend them as a reaction to disobedience. Those who don’t want to face such consequences must apologize for their actions.

Tips to follow:

If you are someone who wants to convince his boss into letting you off, you should follow the tips given below:

Explain how you did not follow the company’s procedures:

It is important to give an overview of what you have done and what you are feeling sorry for. The explanation of the mistake matters a lot. Sometimes, this explanation is so clear that the reader quickly understands your intention and tone.

Describe how you did not follow the company’s procedures since there are lots of ways in which you can show indiscipline.


Since you are writing this apology letter because you want to clear your position, you must explain appropriately. Explaining doesn’t mean that you have to prove that you are not wrong. Rather, gracefully accept the mistake and let the reader know that you are feeling regretful.

Mention that you are ready to compensate:

After reading the letter, the reader should not come under the impression that you are trying to escape the situation. It is better to let the reader know that you are very to compensate by doing whatever you are supposed to do.

For instance, if you have caused harm to the property of the company, mention that you are ready to pay to compensate for the loss. This way you will be able to prove that you are feeling sorry for whatever you have done.

Sample apology letter for showing disobedience:

Subject: Apology for not showing compliance with company’s procedures

Dear Mr. ABC,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not showing adherence to the rules involving workplace ethics. I know that my actions have upset you and it has been stated so many times that all the employees are required to follow work ethics. I know that I did not follow those ethics and have exhibited terrible infringement of the policy of the company.

People at the workplace are expected to behave sensibly. I was not expecting this from myself that will ever misbehave with any of my co-workers. I know that the complaint that you have received from Mrs. Lara about me giving inappropriate comments on her dressing has disappointed you a lot.

I know that because of me, the environment of the office has been badly damaged. I want to let you know that I was not meant to hurt anyone with my words. However, I should have been much more careful in my choice of words. In addition, I should have considered the consequences of not paying much attention to what I was saying to my female colleague.

I sincerely regret not following the procedures of the workplace while delivering work to the company. I assure you that this is not going to happen again in the future. I am sorry for all the inconvenience that I have caused you and the people working around me. I have already personally apologized to Mrs. Lara for my behavior. I am ready to do everything it takes to correct my actions. Thank you so much for giving your consideration to this matter.


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Apology Letter for not Following Procedure

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