Apology Letter by Supplier for Order Cancelation

An apology letter for the order cancelation is written by the company or supplier to the customer to apologize for the cancelation of the order that they placed to the company. This type of letter requires proper reasoning by the company, to explain the customer their situation and it also helps in maintaining good relationships with customers, as no company wants to lose their customers for one cancelation only. Thus, an apology letter should be the foremost priority of the company, in case of order cancelation.

Reasons for order cancelation by the company

Every company or supplier’s chase for customers and orders is never-ending, but there can be issues faced by the company when they have to cancel the order. Some of the major reasons from the company’s side for order cancelation are as following:

  • The item ran out of stock
  • The manufacturing unit had to be shut down
  • The courier delivery system is disturbed
  • There is a religious, social or political emergency in the area
  • Any ban from the government or law enforcement agencies

Key points of a good apology letter

The key to a good apology is a consideration and polite reasoning. To maintain a good reputation among the customers, the suppliers or companies should abide by the following principles while canceling an order

  • Expression of Guilt: Let the customers know that canceling their order was not even among your last options, but had to be adopted somehow, for which you feel regretful.
  • Be responsible: Depict an expression of responsibility, by providing the solutions to the problems that may arise with order cancelation e.g. refunding of payment.
  • Explain reasons: Briefly explain the reasons why you had to cancel their order and try to be satisfied with it.
  • Apologize: Most importantly, a statement of direct apology should be mentioned in the letter to ask forgiveness from the customers.
  • Future Assurance: Remember! You do not want to lose your customers, therefore, do not forget to mention that you will not repeat the mistake in the future and they should feel secure to order from you in the future.

Sample Letter

[Customer’s Credentials]
[Customer’s Address]
[Date of Letter

Subject: Apology Letter for Cancellation of Order

Dear [Salutation], [Customer Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good health. We deeply apologize to you for the cancelation of your order [order number].

With due respect, it is stated that we will be unable to deliver your order [order number], due to a technical glitch. Pertaining to the COVID-19 situation, the area of our manufacturing unit has been sealed. Due to the ban, our staff cannot reach the manufacturing unit and it has been closed temporarily.

Keeping in view the security of our workers, we have decided to cancel all orders including yours. The payment of your order will be refunded to your account within 5 working days. We completely understand the inconvenience this may have caused you, but we promise you this would not happen again.

We request you to understand our situation. Looking forward to hearing from you for another order in future.


[Representative credentials],

[Job position]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]

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