Affidavit regarding Loss of Ownership Certificate to Vehicle

The affidavit regarding the loss of ownership certificate includes a sworn statement that is used to declare the loss of the ownership certificate of the vehicle due to theft, fire, or any other mishap. This affidavit is used to address all the details regarding the loss such as the name of the person, details of the ownership security, etc. The date on which the certificate of ownership was issued should also be mentioned in the affidavit.  

Why is the affidavit of loss of loss of ownership certificate created?

Anyone who faces the loss of ownership certificate of a vehicle is required to take several actions including writing the affidavit. There are many purposes of writing the affidavit in this situation. In general, the people write the affidavit in order to get the replacement of the certificate. It should be kept in mind that when the new certificate of ownership issues, the lost certificate becomes invalid automatically.

Some people also use the affidavit regarding the loss when they want to ensure that the lost certificate is not misused by anyone since the affidavit invalidates the affidavit.

Importance of the affidavit

There is always a possibility to lose the certificate of ownership since the life and all the circumstances are uncertain. When the certificate is lost, stolen, or misplaced by mistake, the owner of that certificate is required to write the sworn statement in the affidavit regarding the loss of that certificate.

The certificate of ownership is a very important document since it is tangible proof that the person holding this certificate is the owner of the vehicle he is possessing. When the owner of the vehicle loses this certificate, he actually loses the proof of his ownership of the vehicle. In that situation, he can use the affidavit to prove his ownership since this affidavit can be written by only the owners of the vehicle.

When a person has to apply for the new ownership certificate, he will be required to provide the affidavit regarding the loss in order to give the proof that he has lost the certificate since no person is allowed to keep the duplicate certificates. In case of a stolen or misplaced certificate, the person losing the certificate also promises in the affidavit that he will return the previous certificate if he ever recovers it.

How to get the affidavit?

The blank affidavit can be obtained from the court. The person can create this affidavit on his own by writing the sworn statement and some details pertaining to the loss. However, the format of the affidavit is also required to be taken into consideration since it is a legal document.

People who don’t have time to create their own affidavit can seek the assistance of an attorney. Any attorney with experience and knowledge of creating the affidavit can create it with all the details regarding the loss of the ownership certificate.

Sample Template

Subject: Affidavit regarding loss of ownership certificate to vehicle

Country: United States of America

Affiant Name:
Address: [City, STATE, Zip]

ID Number:
Issuance Date:

My name is Anderson, a resident of Oak Housing Society, Michigan. I am a registered owner of Vehicle number [number]. I want to inform the concerned authorities that I have lost my vehicle ownership certificate somewhere while coming back from New York to Michigan on [date].

I assure you that I am a responsible citizen and well aware of the consequences I might face upon losing such an important document. But I hereby declare that the certificate has either been stolen or I have lost it otherwise while I was coming back from my hometown after spending a long weekend. Yesterday, I needed to produce it in order to prove my ownership, but I couldn’t do it since I had lost it. Due to this reason, I had to face a lot of difficulties.

I want to say that losing my vehicle ownership certificate cannot debar me from the ownership rights of my vehicle. Therefore, to avoid any further embarrassment, I am informing you about the matter through this affidavit, and at the same time, I request you to issue me a new ownership certificate. I have already paid the fee required for this purpose receipt of which is attached to this document.

Signature of the affiant:




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