Affidavit of Loss of Bill of Lading with Agreement to Hold Harmless

Just like any other affidavit of loss, this affidavit is also used for writing a statement about the physical loss of the bill of lading. The loss may be due to theft or destruction caused due to fire or any other accident.

Importance of bill of lading

The bill of lading is a professionally used document that is issued by the carrier to the shipper. Whenever the cargo needs to accept the transportation of the product to be shipped, it needs the bill of lading in order to deliver the product from the source to the destination.

The bill of lading requires all the details that are needed by the cargo company to ensure that the product is safely delivered from source to destination.

There are some situations when a person loses the bill of lading. In all the situations, the person losing the bill of lading is required to write the affidavit and submit it to the court. The court then orders the carrier of the goods to deliver the products to the cargo.

A bill of lading is no doubt one of the most important documents to be used in the shipping industry. The carrier of the goods is regarded as the owner of those goods. The party that possesses the bill of lading can demand the cargo to deliver the products. The bill of lading is given to the carrier after receiving the goods. It should be kept in mind that the person losing the bill of lading will not be able to prove that he is a consigner of the shipment and therefore, products will not be delivered to him.

How to write the affidavit?

Learning how to write down the affidavit can be very helpful since it can help the person save his money and time. We are here going to provide you some guidelines to help you draft the affidavit for your loss:

  1. Mention the title of the affidavit on the top and then mention the name of the country in which the affidavit is being used.
  2. All the details of the affiant that are needed for writing the affidavit should be covered in it. The main details of the affiant include the name of the affiant, age of affiant, complete residential address of the affiant, etc.
  3. Mention the unique ID number of bills of lading along with the date of issuance.
  4. The affidavit must explain how the bill of lading was lost and a complete description of the event of a loss can also be stated.
  5. At the end of the affidavit, the affiant should request the delivery of goods without a bill of lading. The affidavit should promise to remain harmless and also indemnify the person who is likely to suffer from the loss of bill of lading.
  6. End the affidavit with the signatures of the affiant, date on which the sworn statement is made, etc.

Sample Template

Subject: Affidavit of loss of bill of lading and promises to remain harmless

Country: United States of America

Affiant Name:
Address: [City, STATE, Zip]

ID Number:
Issuance Date:


I want to inform you that I have lost the bill of lading, issued on [date], and which was required to be presented by me while receiving the goods.

Although I am well aware of the consequences upon losing such an important document and admit that goods cannot be handed over to me unless I produce the required bill of lading but you know me very well and we are in business relations since last ten years and on behalf of my company, I do most of the export through your company.

Considering the above-mentioned fact, please allow me to receive the goods with the given details. I assure you to be completely harmless and bear the loss in case found guilty. I shall be very thankful to you.

Signature of the affiant:




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