Advance Salary Request Letter for Medical Treatment

Everyone wants to save up some money for medical treatments as sometimes, we have to undergo medical treatments while being completely unprepared for them. By being unprepared means, one does not have enough money to undergo good medical treatment at a hospital with better resources. In this situation, many people resort to their employers asking for an advance salary.

What is the request letter of advance salary?

This is a type of formal letter that an employee is required to write to his boss when he wants to request for advance salary. Fortunately, in many companies, there are policies for giving advanced salaries to their employee when they ask for it. However, in some companies, asking for an advance salary is completely out of question. So, before you write this letter to your boss, you should do some research to know if it makes sense to ask for a salary in advance.

How to write the request letter asking for payment in advance?

An employee must know how to draft this type of request letter in an efficacious way. The purpose of this letter is not just to request for the money but also to convince the employer that you need this money and he should trust you in this matter. Here are some tips that you can for effectively writing the request letter:

  1. Start the letter with the request that you need your salary in advance.
  2. Give the reason for mentioning this request for an advanced salary. For example, if the treatment you want to undergo is expensive and it has led you to ask for the payment, do mention it in the letter.
  3. You can mention the amount in the letter that you need because sometimes you have to ask for an advance salary of two or three subsequent months.
  4. Attach the medical certificate with the letter which will support your need to ask for the salary.
  5. End the letter with the thanking statement to look more professional.

Sample Letters


Re. Request for Advance Salary

Dear Dickens,

I am Lockhart Neil and I work as an Assistant Finance Manager in your company. The purpose of writing this request letter is to get an advance salary for the month of July along with the current salary of June. As I already have mentioned previously in a meeting that I am suffering from Kidney Hernias, I am dealing with chronic pain and anxiety due to that.

After visiting my Nephrologist, I have decided to get operated for this. As I am unable to work efficiently and this is causing a huge pain, stress, and disability, I am getting it operated on 7th June 20XX. The Mayor Clinic, Brooklyn has given me an idea regarding how much the operation will cost including my medication. They told that it will cost me almost $4000 which is a huge amount for a person with modest financial status.

Here, I need your coordination in getting one month’s salary advance. It will be easy for me to get my treatment done within this month of June. I shall be very grateful to you if I can get my July salary in advance and it will be of great help and importance.

Thank you in anticipation



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Sample -2

Re. Request for Advance Salary for Medical Treatment

Dear Aroma,

I am penning this letter to you to put my request to you for an advance salary which I need for my father’s medical treatment. My father is suffering from a cardiac disease for which his cardiologist has advised him to go through heart surgery. You already must have the idea that heart surgeries are always a matter of great seriousness along with great financial expenditure as well.

It will cost me $7000 to get my father through heart surgery. I make, categorically, humble appeal to you to give me my July’s month of salary in advance so that I can arrange a cardiac surgery for him delaying which means risking his life. I want to curb this as soon as possible because it is my father’s health and life together. I hope you will understand my position and endow me one month’s salary advance empathizing with my circumstances.

I assure you that it will not affect my working capability and efficacy. I shall be grateful to your act of kind favor.

Thank you.



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