Absence Excuse Letter of Work due to an Accident

We all hope to not be involved in an accident. But if this happens, everything can be confusing and hectic. You will need to make sure you and whoever was with you are fine. It is also necessary to inform the place that you work that you have been involved in an accident.

What is absence excuse letter of work due to an accident?

This is the letter that needs to be submitted when you get involved in an accident that forces you to not be able to go to work.

Importance of the letter

No doubt you will be stressed when you have been in an accident. You do not want the added stress of not informing your workplace and so getting your pay cut or being fired. The excuse letter is a formal way to tell your employer about your situation.

It is important to know how to create this letter and what points to include in it. The below tips can be looked at:

  1. Microsoft Word: The letter is a professional one and so should be composed professionally. Do not simply write it by hand. Type it out in Microsoft Word and give it an official business letter format.
  2. Know the employer’s policies: It is necessary to know the procedure of how to inform the boss before even being absent. You never know when you will be involved in an accident. You should be sure of the policies present when this occurs.
  3. Send the letter soon: When it is possible for you, send the excuse letter immediately so that no problems are faced due to your absence. The employer will need to have time to reassign your tasks. When in an accident you may need a longer leave so, therefore, send this letter asap.
  4. Offer to provide help: You can tell that you will make up for the absence in any way possible. You may be able to make tasks easier by being on email for instance.

If the accident was severe, state this in the letter. Remember to be brief.

Sample Letter

Meghan Stephen
85 Abingdon Road, Bransford Bridge
Worcester WR6 5JL, UK

17th April 20XX

The General Manager
Sartre Groups
345k-90QE Rosberg Skyers
Worcester, UK 

Re. Excuse of Absence due to Car Crash  

Dear Sir,

I am a co-assistant designer in your company. On 5th April, while I was on my way back home from the office, I met a serious car accident. My car fell into a ditch after the collision and I, somehow, survived. I had severe injuries on my back and left leg. My rib cage was also badly affected. I was unconscious and taken to the nearby hospital. I remained in the Intense Care Unit for five days and then after five days, I was shifted to the common ward. My family came to know about the accident after six days of the happening as they were not in the country. I remained hospitalized for more than ten days and then shifted home with strict advice and instructions.

My cell phone was crushed in the accident and I lost my contacts and emails. I had no connections in the town as I had shifted here recently. I called one friend but could not connect with him due to certain reasons. Pertaining to the conditions, I could not inform in the office about my short break from the work.

Now when I am able to communicate and move a bit, I informed the office about what had happened. I came to know that company has suspended me for one month and has inflicted a heavy fine of $500/- on me on my return. Dear Sir, as I have explained above what I was into, I hope you will take the decision back and empathize with my loss. I expect my company to coordinate with me in this hour of need by assisting me financially and morally.

I am waiting for the kind response.



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