Work Completion Email to Boss

Work completion email is sent by an employee to his employer to inform him that the project has been completed within time. In many agencies, these kinds of emails are sent to clients to be kept in record and to inform that the assigned work has been completed within the time frame. Completing work on time, making it error-free, and meeting the deadlines are characteristics of an active and committed person. This is also an indication of their sincerity and reflection of their commitment. Such employees usually remain in the good book of their employers.

Employers want to be in touch with their employees during and after the completion of work. So once the work is completed, it will be better to inform your boss either by face to face meeting or through email. Since it is a little difficult to find the boss after office hours, therefore, informing him through email is the easiest and preferred way.


  • Acknowledgment through electronic receipt is ensured.
  • It will become a part of the official record.
  • It’s easy to express in an email rather than facing your boss.
  • It is a convenient method both for employees and employers.

Work completion email to boss -Samples

Sample Email -1

To: Tony Morrison

Subject: Completion of the project ‘Titan’

Dear Mr. Morrison,

This is with reference to the subject cited above that project Titan has been completed successfully. You are requested to refer to the report of the said project attached to this email. It will give you more excited that I completed this project work before deadline and now the project is ready to be implemented. I am sure that this project will have positive results in the same manner as during the testing phase, once it is implemented.

Being the head of project Titan, I had to face a lot of challenges and hurdles in order to complete it but hats off to my sincere team members who did not take any hurdle into consideration and accompanied me through thick and thin during all phases of the project. Before implementing, you are requested to head a meeting of all members so that all pros. and cons. of the project would be discussed. At the same time, you are requested to go through the attached completion report and inform us about any change you want to incorporate in the work. Hopefully, this project will go live very soon.

In the end, I would like to say thanks for your support throughout this project. Without your guidance, this endeavor would have not been completed before time.

Yours Sincerely,


Head of Project Titan

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Sample Email -2

To: Alex Stewart

Subject: Completion of the project Titan

Dear Mr. Stewart,

I am pleased to inform you through this email that road construction work, which was assigned to me on 1st May 20XX has been completed now on 22-04-20XX. It was a long project, supposed to be completed by June 20XX. It was all due to the hard work of my teammates that we completed the work one month before the deadline.

Your kind support and sincere guidance had enabled us to complete it successfully and before time. During the course of the project, we faced a lot of challenges coupled with a hurdle, but my teammates did not take into account any of the hurdles and stood by me throughout the accomplishment. Now, the road is ready to be inaugurated by the worthy [X]. You are requested to visit it formally so that if there is any deficiency, it could be overcome before time.

I say you again for your cooperation.

Yours affectionately,

Andrew Hudson.

Head of Road Construction Project

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