Wine Collection Inventory

If you love wine and buy a lot of this, you will want to know what you have in your collection. It is important to have a properly organized wine collection system in place. It can be difficult to track your wine collection properly, especially if this is a huge one. This will aid you in not opening certain bottles soon or others too late.

When you carefully organize and catalog your wine collection, it will be more possible to easily get to your wine bottles when you require them. You will be able to keep track of the wine that you have in the collection as well. An effective wine collection inventory can help you here.

What is a wine collection inventory?

This inventory provides you with an easy way to track the wine that you have purchased. The inventory will be helpful for those who purchase wine ahead and if you want to store bottles that can be drunk after some years.

What does a wine collection inventory do?

The wine collection inventory will list all the wines that you have along with their details. This can include the producer, type, vintage, country, bottles owned, bottle size, etc. This will aid you in opening the bottles when they are at their optimum.

Wine Collection Inventory

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How to create a wine collection inventory?

A proper wine collection inventory will let you easily know about the wine collection that you have. When making this inventory you can consider the following tips:

Format and application:

The inventory should be made in an application like Microsoft Excel which will have a proper and formal format. The document should have a heading like “Wine Collection Inventory”. In Microsoft Excel, you will be able to make a table that will store the details about the wine collection.

Table with details:

Create a table that will include all the important information about the wine collection that you have. You will have headings for the columns like Producer, Type, Vintage, Vineyard, Country of Production, Region, Town, Bottles Present, Purchase Date, and Size of Bottle. Include headings of the points concerning the wine collection that are important to you.

But do not add information that is not important because this will make the table be difficult to fill in and read. You can even include a section for notes on the table where you include tasting notes on all the wines. Remember to keep the inventory updated. When you add any new bottles or consume some older ones, note the alterations in the inventory system. You will then be able to have an accurate count of the collection.

Organize wine properly:

You need to organize the wine bottles properly in your cellar as well if you want an organized collection to be present. A grid system can help here as it will let you track as well as locate the bottles easily. You can give the column of wines within the collection a letter.

Every row can have a number like in Microsoft Excel. You will be able to then know the precise location of every bottle in the collection. The bottles that you want to age for more time should be put in the back area of the wine cellar or on the shelf. You can then organize the wines by style, price, variety, region, producer, etc.

Importance of a wine collection inventory

If you have a proper wine collection inventory you will be able to know which wine you can consume immediately and which one to consume later on. It will be easier to access the wine when you need it. The inventory will help you easily track every vintage, be sure of the recommended date to consume the bottle, etc.

You will be able to store all the important wine information in one place. The inventory will stop you from making duplicate purchases. You will be able to select the correct wine to consume on any occasion when you have an inventory and know which wines are present. If you want the inventory to be able to do this, you must make it carefully and add the necessary details to it.