Warning Letter to Renovation Contractor

If you have signed a contract with a contractor to provide renovation services to your office and house, you might be expecting a lot from him. These expectations are also outlined in the contract generally and both parties need to meet those expectations. However, when this does not happen, some actions can be taken.

What is a warning letter to a renovation contractor?

When you learn that the renovation contractor is not working according to what you have discussed with him or what has been mentioned in the agreement, you can write him a warning letter. This warning letter clearly states that you are not going to tolerate his behavior anymore.

When to warn the contractor?

The contractor is required to act in a certain way so that he can give desired output to the client. In general, the client does not want to ruin the relationship with the contractor and therefore, ignores small mistakes. Some situations compel the client to write the warning. For instance, when the contractor is not working with the required pace to complete the project before the deadline, the client can warn of the slow progression of work. Another situation, in which the client can warn the contractor, is when he is not using quality material for renovation.  

How to write a warning to a subcontractor?

Even if you are angry with the kind of work, he is doing, you need to be cautious as to how you choose to warn him and what tone you prefer to communicate via letter. You might not want to end the contract with him and just ask him to work professionally. In that situation, writing carefully is extremely important. Follow the tips given below:

Let him know about his behaviour:

The contractor should be informed that you are noticing his behavior and bad renovation work and it is not tolerable for you anymore. In addition to it, discuss how his performance of renovation is not meeting your expectations and how it is deteriorating the entire project.

Remind him of the terms:

Usually, you realize that there is a breach of contract on the contractor’s part. Write about the breach and refer to the policy that is being violated.

Remind him of previous warnings:

Sending a warning to a contractor is not a sudden decision. There are series of events that take place, and you try to handle them without warning. So, if there have been many such events when the contractor was taken to task but did not show any sign of improvement, you can remind him of all those situations. If there was a verbal warning in the personal meeting when the contractor botched the restoration work in the past too, do bring it up in the letter to remind him of how tolerant you have been.

Let him know the consequences:

The basic purpose of the warning issued to the renovation contractor is to convince him to act sensibly. This usually happens when you let him the consequences of not correcting the behavior and delivering the renovation work meeting all your expectations that he was committed to meet.

Sample letter -1

Dear (mention the contractor’s name),

It has been brought to my notice that you have not been working up to the mark. The progress of the renovation work is too slow which has caused a serious deterioration of the entire project. You have been sent many verbal warnings in the past. Despite sending many concerns to you regarding the problem of substandard renovation work, you have not shown any improvement in your work. This is to inform you that the company will not tolerate this anymore.

The issues with the renovation work on your part are:

Issue 1_________________ Dated

Issue 2 _________________ Dated

Issue 3 _________________ Dated

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that unless you give immediate attention to your work, the company will be forced to end this contract with you. In addition to it, the company will hold you liable for all the costs that it will bear due to your lack of performance.

There is nothing to be discussed on this matter. Please consider this as a final warning


Name of the supervisor

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Sample Letter -2


Renovation Contractor,

Subject: Warning for careless renovation work


This letter aims to bring to your kind notice the renovation work you are doing for our company (state name of company). This work is not being completed according to what we had agreed upon and the standards of work that you claimed to provide us with.

Your company has been involved in (state what you are not happy with concerning the renovation). According to our contract, we did not agree to this. The work is not being done as I have told you to do and much time is being taken to complete it.

I hope that you will improve the renovations.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

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