Software Project Completion Email to Client

If you are a software engineer or someone who runs a software house, you must have written project completion emails to your clients several times in the past. This email is a communication between the software house and the client. It is important to make a good impression on the client when this email is written. There can also be many other ways to announce the completion but people choose to write an email because it is a quicker and convenient source of communication.

What is a software project completion email to the client?

When a person or a firm has completed a software project and now, he has to announce the completion so that delivery and installment of the software and the clearance of the payment can be done. This email is a formal way of communication between two parties and therefore, a professional approach should be used.

What is the purpose of writing the email to announce the completion?

Upon the completion of a project, the project manager or anyone responsible to correspond writes the email to his client so that he can be informed formally. Writing the email is a convenient strategy that most project managers use because it helps them keep the record of the announcement of completion and they can send it to many people at a time.

People who are tasked to complete a software project know that they have taken on a responsibility and now they cannot get away with it. Clients like those people who involve the client whenever they complete a stage during the life cycle of the software project. When a client reads the email, he gets the impression that you have a sense of responsibility. This way, he will choose to work with you in the future also.

4 steps to writing a fulfillment of software project email:

An effective and complete email can be written in the following 4 steps:

  1. Announce the fulfilment
  2. Take credit for the completion
  3. Mention the teamwork
  4. Thank the reader

Let us see the aforementioned steps in detail:

Announcement of fulfillment:

As soon as the letter is started, the completion of the software project should be communicated. This is a type of announcement that the project manager makes in this email. Before the work on the project is started, two parties sign a contract and then work with each other as per the terms mentioned in the contract. So, when a project is completed, the project manager refers to that contract and discusses that very project the contract of which was signed and its successful completion.

Take credit:

When a software project is ready to be delivered and installed in a given time frame, the project team can take pride in it since completion is not the only achievement. Meeting the deadline is also important for the project team and when this happens, it should take the credit and fish for the appreciation from the client. Sometimes, the client ignores the achievement and completely focuses on the completion. So, when you take the credit, you bring your team’s hard work and commitment to his attention.

Mention the teamwork:

Since you were able to complete the work due to the teamwork, you should discuss the efforts of your entire team. completion would have never been possible without teamwork since developing error-free software is a cumbersome process and one person cannot complete it alone. When you demonstrate teamwork, you show how everyone in your company fulfills a commitment to their work and always struggle to maintain the credibility of the company

Thank the client:

In the last part of the email, you are expected to show gratitude to the client who has chosen you and your team to complete the project. This will make the client feel appreciated and he will also see your efforts.

Points to remember:

Take account of the following points while writing this email:

  1. An email never has to be too long. Write it briefly
  2. Announce the completion and never complain about the difficulties your team has faced
  3. Let the client know that you are happy working with him

Sample Email


Name of Recipient
Address of Recipient

Re. Software [X] Project Completion

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name),

I am writing this email to inform you that we have completed the software project that you assigned to our company (name of company). The project had a deadline of (date) but due to the efforts of the team, we were able to complete it in only (state how many months) months.

Software projects require efficient personnel and need time and effort. Our team hopes that you will appreciate the work that we have done.

I would like to thank you on behalf of the company for trusting us with this project. It was a good experience to work with you. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on (state number).


Your Name
Your Position
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