Non-Compliance of Rules Penalty Letter

Every person working in an organization is required to abide by the rules and regulations of that organization. However, some employees often violate the policies of the company. This not only leads to mismanagement in the company but also encourages others to adopt the same behavior if the guilty person gets away with the punishment. Organizations usually have a number of ways to deal with such employees. One of the most common ways is to write a non-compliance with a policy penalty letter. 

What is a penalty letter written due to a breach of the company’s rules?

When a company decides to correct the behavior of a wrongdoer working in the company, it charges him with a penalty. The penalty can be in the form of a warning letter, extra working hours to compensate for the loss or a deduction in the salary. The basic objective behind writing this letter is to maintain discipline in the company. It is important to note that this letter can also be written in many other situations.

When to write the penalty letter?

An individual or a company can write a penalty letter to its employees when they show negligence at work and cause any kind of damage to the organization. 

The letter can be written to the contractor also who doesn’t obey the rules specified in the agreement and agrees to face the penalty in the contract.

When a student doesn’t follow the rules of the institute and becomes the cause of any kind of indiscipline in the school, the teacher or principal of the school can choose to write the fine letter. 

There are many other situations in which the person who disregards the rules and regulations of an organization has to face the consequences. 

What information should be covered by the penalty letter?

  • Since this letter lets the recipient know about the fine he will have to pay or any other kind of punishment, he should be informed about the charges that have been pinned on him. For this purpose, this letter should refer to the charge sheet created against the employee. 
  • This letter also describes the kind of violation the employee has exhibited. For instance, the company should specify in the letter that the employee is being charged or suspended from work due to excessive tardiness or any other reason
  • A description of policies that have been violated should be mentioned in the letter so that the recipient of the letter can know what he was supposed to be doing instead of violating it. For instance, if the problem is the tardiness of the employee then the time of arrival should be mentioned in the letter that an employee is required to follow. 
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  • In this letter, the penalty upon the violation of a specific kind should also be addressed so that the reader can know that penalty is not unjust

Basic guidelines:

If you have to write a penalty letter to let someone know that they have been charged with the accusation of policy breach and it has resulted in a penalty, you need to know how to write a letter that conveys details appropriately without causing any confusion. Below are instructions that might help you:

  1. A penalty letter should reflect that the company discourages any violation of law and therefore, anyone who does not deserves to be fined. The recipient of the letter should be told that violation on his part has been taken seriously and there can be even adverse effects if he repeats that in future. This will enable the recipient to reflect on his behaviour.
  2. The tone of the sender should not reflect any kind of business that can make the reader feel that he is being treated discriminately.
  3. Let the reader know that a thorough investigation has been carried out after which, you have concluded that he is a guilty person who has to face the consequences of his actions in the form of a penalty.
  4. At the end of the letter, you can ask the recipient to review the charges against him and appeal if he thinks these are false allegations.

Sample Letter




Dear (Name),

Re: Non-compliance of rules

I would like to inform you that you have not complied with the rules of our organization (state name of organization). According to our agreement, you had agreed to do this at all times.

We can issue a penalty notice to you according to the Code of Conduct that we work by when any individual is involved in non-compliance with rules.

You have been involved in (state how they did not follow rules). The behavior has been recorded and therefore this letter is being sent to you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely.

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