Warning Letter to an Employee for Rejecting a Project

A warning letter to an employee for rejecting a project is a letter written by an employer and is addressed to the guilty employee. The document is prepared when an employee rejects a project without proper and reasonable excuse, and the company has to bear the consequences in terms of reputation, clientage, money, etc.

When companies are offered projects, they analyze their resources before taking the decision of acceptance or rejection. If a project is deemed feasible, it is accepted, else, it gets rejected. In both cases, if something wrong happens, the employee, who was the key decision-maker, is held accountable.

An employee might reject a project for various reasons, such as:

  • Insufficient resources.
  • Overlapping of projects.
  • Bad experiences with the client in the past.
  • Personal reasons.

The last one is certainly not acceptable to the company, as personal reasons are expected to be kept separate from the professional office work. If an employee still rejects a project due to personal reasons, the company is compelled to take an action. Usually, the first step taken is the issuance of a warning letter, which can be followed by the termination in the case of recurrence.

This sort of warning letter may contain varying details, depending on the severity of the situation and company requirements. However, generally, the following information is included in these letters:

  • Date
  • Details of the employer and employee.
  • Details of the employee or addressee.
  • The issue of project rejection.
  • Warning and punishment, if any.
  • Consequences if the unprofessionalism continues.
  • Hope for improvement.
  • Signature and salutations.

This letter is kept in the employee record and impacts the record and worth of the employee. In addition, if required, it could be referred to as well in the future. Therefore, the employees try to avoid unjustifiable project rejections as well as the receiving of such letters.

Sample Letter




Dear Ms. Samantha,

This warning letter is being issued to you regarding your rejection of the project ABC, offered by the client XYZ, on 5th October 20XX.

Being our regular client, XYZ offered us their project ABC on 20th September 20XX. When the meeting was held, it was decided that the final decision of the project’s acceptance or rejection would be taken by you after analyzing the availability of the required resources. At that time, we were unaware of the fact that you were applying for a long leave for your holidays, otherwise, the decision responsibility would not have been bestowed onto you. When your leave application got approved, you decided to reject the project, as you did not want the cancellation of your leave. You could have communicated with us, and we could have chosen another manager for the project. However, you rejected the project based on your personal reasons without even considering the damage this decision would have for the company.

Currently, we are only issuing you a warning letter, but your name has been listed in our observation list. If such unprofessional behavior recurs, you will be fired immediately. Also, from now on, all your decisions would be first scrutinized through the HR department and the top management, which means we are limiting your authority.

We hope that you will not repeat the mistake and improve your performance as well, which would give you back your lost authority and trustworthiness.


Steven John.

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