Warning Letter for Repetitive Safety Non-Compliance

In almost every organization, some safety measures are important to be taken by everyone working in that organization. Some organizations form an immutable law regarding safety procedures and then everyone is expected to abide by the law. If someone happens to violate the law, the company can write a warning letter for non-compliance with safety.

The warning letter is always written when someone repeatedly does something offensive. The warning letter tells them that they have been offending the employer and the entire company with this non-serious behavior which is not acceptable for anyone.

How to write the safety non-compliance warning letter?

1- Know the format of the letter:

The details to be added to the letter as well as the sequence of the details matter a lot since it directly affects the understanding of the reader. Therefore, it is important to know the format of the letter so that you can communicate with your employee in the right way.

2- Mention the safety measures that have been violated

When an employee is hired, he is told all the safety measures he needs to follow. If he does not follow all of them even though he knows that they are required to be followed, you can warn him by writing this letter. However, you need to tell your employee that which safety rules have been violated so that you and the employee can be on the same page.

3- Mention the actions to be taken

The warning letter always includes some steps that the company will be compelled to take in case the employee repeats the mistake. Therefore, it must be mentioned in the letter how you will treat the employee if he violates the safety rules repeatedly. Also, tell the employee that he has been seen many times violating the rules but the company will not tolerate it anymore.

4- Show some positivity

While writing this letter, tell the employee that you don’t expect him to repeat the same mistake. This will show that you think positively about him.  

Sample Letter

April 11, 20XX
Andrew McGrath
Brooklyn, 2222

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This warning letter is being written with reference to your non-compliance with the hospital’s safety rules. In a meeting, held on 12-03-20XX, all staff members were instructed to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) N-95 mask in order to avoid the attack of Coronavirus.

It was brought to management’s notice that you were continuously violating safety rules set by the hospital’s management. Whereas, it was required from you to present yourself during your duty hours in a way to avoid the attack of all kinds of micro-organisms including COVID-19. You were found an acting disregard for safety and in this way, you endangered yourself and others.

Earlies you were given the advantage of doubt and your negligence was overlooked. But the repetition of the same mistake shows as if you are not willing to adhere to the hospital’s safety rules. Your negligence has put an adverse effect on patient care, endangering patients, medical staff, and those people you are interacting with. This attitude will not be compromised anymore.

Your non-compliance with the hospital’s safety rules, showing rude behavior, endangering patients, and staff is misconduct in the meaning of clause [X] of the hospital’s disciplinary policies and it will be dealt with accordingly.

You must, therefore, explain your position immediately in writing that why should disciplinary action be not taken against you. Moreover, consider this letter a final warning from the management of the hospital. Make sure that you will comply with all the safety rules of the hospital and at the same time does not repeat this rude behavior in the future.


Andrew Mcgrath

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