Warning Letter for Repeatedly Asking Salary Raise

It is a basic right of every employee to ask for a raise in salary. However, the company has its policies and procedures following which, it decides whether to give the raise or not. In some cases, even if the employee deserves the raise, the company cannot do so because of some unfavorable circumstances. For instance, due to covid, the market conditions are so abrupt and unfavorable that every business is trying to work through the financial crisis. In this situation, most of the employees could not get an increment in salary.

What is a warning letter for repeatedly asking for increment?

Employers have to deal with many requests from employees to increase their salaries. However, it is not always possible to approve the request. When the employee cannot fulfill this requirement and refuses emphatically, the employee should wait for some time until things become more evident. However, some such people don’t wait and repeatedly ask for a salary raise which causes inconvenience to the boss. In this situation, the boss can warn the employee of his stubborn behavior.

Why writing the warning on unnecessary salary raise demand is necessary?

Oftentimes, the boss has a very genuine reason to not accept the pay raise request. For instance, if the employee is already underperforming and still asks for a raise based on his performance, the boss can ask him to improve his performance and then ask for reconsideration. But the employee often does not pay attention to his performance and then asks again. This often disturbs the boss and then he decides to use a stricter approach to make him learn to improve himself and then ask for a raise.

What steps should be taken to write an effective warning?

The boss writes the warning when he realizes that no other thing is working, and it is his utter desire to make it work. Therefore, writing a warning that has an impact is important. Furthermore, the purpose of the boss is to discourage the worker from asking for increment and so, it is important to write the warning in such a way that it can convince the worker that he should not consistently nag his manager. Follow the steps given below:

Give the background:

Start the letter by informing the reader that you have received many requests from him, and you have tried your best to satisfy him as to why he does not get the raise. Also, tell him that this is not the right way in which the recipient is supposed to be behaving.

Warn him:

Send a written warning by letting him know that you are issuing an official warning that has serious repercussions. Even though you are angry with him, don’t personally attack him.

Tell him who to contact:

You can never deprive the employee of the opportunity to explain his point of view. Therefore, tell him who he can contact.

Sample warning letter:

Date: ________________

Name of the recipient
Address of the recipient,

Name of the manager,
Company’s name:
Contact details

Subject: Warning for asking for increment repeatedly

Dear Mr. (mention the name of the employee),

I have received many emails from you about the pay raise. I have met you in person also and told you clearly that your performance is not up to the mark. If you want to get the increment, you are required to show better performance. In addition to it, I also gave an increment to your salary of 2%.

Despite increasing your salary, you kept sending me emails and asking for a raise this has upset me and I have decided to talk to you about it on a serious note. You need to remember that you cannot pressurize me by flooding my inbox with your requests.

Consider this letter as a formal warning letter to you for repeatedly asking me to increase your salary and showing unnecessary stubbornness. This kind of behavior on the employee’s part is completely unacceptable. Repetition of any such action in the future will lead to even more serious consequences. I believe that we have discussed enough on this matter but still, if you have a query, contact my assistant.

Yours sincerely,

Signatures of the sender


Warning Letter for Repeatedly Asking Salary Raise

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