Recommendation Letter by Professor for Internship

Some companies require the aspiring candidate to apply with documents that can prove that the candidate is good enough to be chosen to work in these companies. Internship programs are the type of training sessions, in which fresh graduates or young candidates with some skills or wanting to earn some skills are welcomed to apply. The purpose of these programs is to train people so that they can excel.

What is a reference letter written by a professor for an intern?

The recommendation letter is a business letter that is a kind of endorsement of the academic or professional performance of an individual. This letter is given a lot of consideration in those settings where the word of mouth is important.

Importance of writing a sample:

Some students cannot get an opportunity to do the internship if they fail to get a reference from their teacher. Therefore, students are required to connect with their teachers to be able to be recommended.

Although the training sessions are useful for those who get selected for them, organizations that initiate these sessions don’t want to waste their time on those individuals who lack the needed aptitude and capabilities. For instance, there are internship programs that have some eligibility criteria. Whether the applicant meets that criterion or has not been confirmed by the recommendation letter written by a professor of that student.

Tips for writing a reference for an aspiring intern:

Writing a letter that has a purpose and meaning is important. People who don’t know how to do this often fail to succeed in their objectives. So, read the tips given below to determine how a professional letter can be composed by a professor.

Explain the purpose of writing the letter:

As soon as you start the letter, inform the reader that you are writing to endorse one of your students. Mention the name of your student and then tell how you know him and in which program you have taught him. This will enable the reader to determine how long you have been teaching the student and how strong your recommendation is.

Explain the key attributes of the student:

Always remember that the recipient wants to know about the candidate you are supporting in this letter. So, try to provide him enough reasons of giving your student, an endorsement. This can be achieved easily simply by mentioning the key attributes of the students. There might be lots of good personality attributes in the candidate you are endorsing. However, you are required to focus on those attributes and skills only that he needs to possess to be successfully selected for the mentioned training program.

Summarise the letter:

In the end, summarise the letter by letting the recipient know about your expectations. Mention that you expect the recipient to choose the candidate you are supporting. Also, provide your contact details where the reader can contact you in case, he wants to know more about the candidate you are endorsing. 

Read the sample letter given below for getting deep insight into writing an endorsement letter to help a student succeed in his career. Follow this sample use it to meet your needs efficiently.

Sample letter:

Name of the professor:


Name of the candidate:

Subject: Recommendation letter for internship

Respected (mention the name of the recipient),

I am glad to write the reference letter on behalf of (mention the name of the person you are recommending) for the position of (mention the training job position) as an internee. Mr. ABC was my student of data science during his MS program. I affirm that he is a very capable and intelligent student who always meets the expectations of others.

When it comes to under pressure, Mr. ABC has always shown remarkable performance. I am so proud to have him as my student. The purpose of writing this reference letter is to help Mr. ABC to get an opportunity to work in a healthy environment and polish his skills. He possesses the skills of programming languages such as C++, Python, etc.

I am hopeful that you will consider him on my recommendation.


Name of the university,
Signatures of the professor

Recommendation Letter by Professor for Internship

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