Warning Letter for No Safety Compliance at Bakery

The food authority in different countries inspects the food sellers so that they can make sure that these sellers are complying with the safety measures. Any restaurant or bakery selling the eateries is required to follow the safety measures and guidelines defined by the food authority. These safety measures are usually related to hygiene.

Any restaurant or bakery selling the food without following the basic principles of hygiene is answerable before the law. Before any strict action is taken against anyone showing non-compliance, a warning letter is written to them to make them aware of their negligence.

Why is the warning letter written to the bakery manager?

We all like to consume bakery items of a different kind including biscuits, cakes, bread, and much more. Often, we find that the bakery item we have purchased is not safe for our health because of the change in taste or because we find something unhygienic in them such as the hair strand of the baker. When this happens, we can see the negligence of the baker.

Such kinds of mistakes and reckless attitudes can be ignored at times. However, when the mistake is repeated, it shows that the baker is intentionally putting the health of the customers at risk. Then it becomes crucial to write the warning letter to the manager of the bakery

What to write in the warning letter written to the bakery manager?

The warning letter written to the bakery manager includes the following details:

  1. The bakery manager should be told in the start that the safety measures have been pronounced by the food authority and the bakery manager and other staff are cognizant of those measures.
  2. The kind of negligence that has been observed should be described in the warning letter so that the bakery manager can know how the bakery has been violating the rules.
  3. Make a warning statement in this warning letter and tell the bakery manager about the consequences of repeating the mistake of non-compliance with the rules defined by the food authority.

Sample Letter


Michael Holding
The Best Bakers


Director, Michigan Food Authority


Subject: Warning letter for repetitive safety non-compliance

Dear Johnson,

This letter is being written to you as a reprimand for your repetitive misconduct. Undersigned paid a surprise visit to your bakery. He found that all the sales staff while packing and filling up different stuff, have not covered their mouths with the masks. They were also found not wearing gloves, thereby breaching the safety rules set by food authority.

Michigan Food Authority has issued strict instructions in this regard and those who are being found neglecting the instructions will be dealt with accordingly. You were, as the manager of the bakery, supposed to make your employees abide by all the safety measures including personal safety but you have been found non-complying with the safety rules. This kind of behavior is not acceptable at all.

During the early visit of undersigned, your staff was found doing the same, and thereafter, you attended a meeting on 01-04-20XX with the undersigned. In that meeting, you were provided with guidelines to improve your hygienic environment and overcome the safety problems. On 10-04-20XX, you were called for another meeting and again you were informed that your behavior is not satisfactory as you are not abiding by the laws set by food authority. There you were warned verbally.

As a result of the final visit of undersigned, it has been indicated clearly that you are not willing to improve your behavior and therefore, inviting a strict action against yourself. Remember it will have an adverse effect on your reputation if in case, an action is taken against your bakery.

You are hereby being issued a final warning letter to improve the hygienic and safety conditions of your bakery. Any further violation will liable you to be dealt with strictly. I hope you will now comply with the safety guidelines.

Yours sincerely,


Director, Michigan Food Authority

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