Vehicle Performance Checklist

Keeping track of the performance of your vehicle is an important task since it lets you know exactly when you may need to get it maintained or repaired. Moreover, if you want to buy a car that is already in use, then checking the performance is recommended. There are lots of factors to be considered such as the specifications of the vehicle including both interior and exterior.

Checking the performance of the vehicle is the most important factor to consider. You can’t buy a vehicle because of its beautiful look. Using a checklist to know the performance of the vehicle can be very useful for you because, with the help of it, you can get to know about the condition of a car’s engine, tires, suspension, automatic transmission, brakes, steering, interior and exterior condition, etc. The issues in the vehicle can be spotted ahead of time before you rent it out and put someone else in trouble.

Vehicle Performance Checklist

File: Excel (.xls) 2003+ and iPad 
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Main elements of the checklist:

The main details that are added to the checklist are:

  1. The vehicle name and model
  2. The date on which the inspection is being done
  3. The name of the person conducting the inspection
  4. The current mileage of the vehicle
  5. List of factors to be considered to check the performance of the vehicle

There should be a separate field in the checklist to tell if the considered factor is fine or not. In case you need a more comprehensive checklist, you can add a special section for giving remarks about the considered factor.

The template is being offered on this website free of cost. This checklist is very useful for all those people who want to inspect their vehicles for any performance issues.

With the help of this checklist, the internal and external defects of the vehicle can also be identified. After the checklist template has been completed, it can serve as a performance report of the vehicle based on which it is decided if the vehicle needs maintenance.