Secret Santa Messages for Family

Christmas is a time to enjoy with family. There are many traditions, most of which are only for fun. Santa Clause is an important part of this occasion. He is seen as giving gifts to kids. People enjoy the feeling of Santa coming on his reindeer giving gifts. To make giving gifts exciting you can include a secret Santa message for your family.

What is a Secret Santa Message for the family?

The Secret Santa message is the message that is written on the gift. The name of the sender is not stated, rather a short message is given that it is from their secret Santa. It is exciting and fun.

Importance of a Secret Santa Message for the family:

If you want to enjoy Christmas with something exciting you can include fun activities like having a Secret Santa message. This message is one that is helpful to those who do not want the recipient to know at the moment that they have given them the gift. The suspense helps create excitement for the occasion and this suspense is produced with the secret Santa message that can be attached to the gift. The importance of this message is the following:

  • Makes the gift more exciting
  • Adds a fun message
  • Allows everyone to get a gift
  • Makes the gift feel more personal as you have taken out time to write the message
  • Let’s family members connect whilst guessing who the sender of the gift is

Tips to create the Secret Santa Message for the family:

If you have decided to enjoy the gift you give to family members with a Secret Santa message, you should write this message well so that its purpose can be fulfilled. The following points can be kept in mind when doing this:

  • Write or type it: Because the message is an informal one you can write it by hand in colorful ink. You can even type it in Microsoft Word with a fun font so that it looks good. You can add images also giving it a wonderful look.
  • Make it beautiful: It is a good idea to allow the Secret Santa message for the family to look wonderful. It should look attractive so that it matches the occasion. You can include the red and green colors of Christmas. Santa Clause, reindeer, Christmas tree, gifts are certain pictures that can be included in the message allowing it to look good.
  • Make it exciting: If you are playing the Secret Santa game the other family members mustn’t know who they are receiving the gift from. You will write the name of every family member on paper. All members must tell the gift suggestions. Do this all clearly so that it can be easily read. You can add a fun secret message that will make it more exciting. The names get drawn randomly and everyone gets a Secret Santa. Plan when the gifts will be presented and everyone can guess who gave which gift to whom. The message included must be fun.
  • Short: Do not include a long message that is boring to read. Make it short and precise so that the recipient reads it and considers it. Do not include unnecessary information. Remember that it is informal and not professional so use words that are fun and exciting.
  • Poem or message: It is possible to include a poem or a fun message. Make it creative. It can be something like “I have come on my reindeer from the North pole to give you your special gift on this special day. Right now, you do not know who I am. I am your very own secret Santa. Today you will get to know what gift has been given to you. Your Secret Santa came when you were sleeping to leave your gift so that you can receive it in the morning”. These are some things that can be included in the message.
  • Color: It is a good idea to include color in the message so that it looks attractive. Christmas colors that are red and green can be used. If you add color it will look better. Images are helpful over here as well, as stated above.

The secret Santa message helps add suspense to Christmas. Rather than giving gifts and letting your family members know that you gave a certain gift, you can make this ceremony more exciting by adding a Secret Santa message.

It is a good way to connect with family members whilst everyone is trying to guess who they got the present from. The above points can be kept in mind when writing this letter. Remember to make it informal and short because it is a fun letter that everyone must enjoy.

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