Secret Santa Funny Messages

1- I pray Santa brings all your favorite presents, but at the same time, I hope that reindeer do not leave behind any “presents” on your lawn!

2- They say for the best Christmas gifts, you need love and heart…but what about money, gift cards, vouchers, and Santa? That does wonder! Happy Christmas!

3- I know this gift will leave you curious. You must be wondering who has sent this. But guess what? Keep making assumptions because you will never know the real sender!

4- No. That’s not possible. I can’t tell. I won’t say anything. It is a secret. Don’t exhaust yourself in making guesses, and just open your gift. I hope you enjoy it.

5- I love to bring gifts for you, but I also love to be your Secret Santa! So laugh, enjoy and think it is a pleasure for me to get lovely presents for you. Enjoy!

6- Yes, I promised to bring a lovely gift to you, but at the same time, I won’t disclose who I’m. Look, I succeeded, leaving your gift here and hoping you will get it soon!

7- When Christmas arrives, people buy nuts, and you know what? It’s the only time of year people feel like they may go nuts too!. Here is a gift for you that may help you to keep your sanity this holiday season!

8- It is tough to live in the North Pole where I live. Have you ever thought about what it is like to live in a place where you don’t get pizza delivery! Anyways, here is an X-mas that delivers some happiness!

9- Christmas dinners are an absolute treat. While you may not be the greatest at cooking, but you are pretty good at eating! So here is the sweetest invitation for you. Happy Holidays!

10- May you be able to participate in the activities of the Christmas season rather than the flu season! I’ve got a few tickets for you. Enjoy!

11- Gear up for a little surprise! Here’s a gift, specially curated for you. It will surely brighten up your day. I hope you will accept the present with a smile on your face and expect your Santa to bring another one soon!

12- Seeing you shouting hard, laughing, and howling is so satisfying. I hope you enjoy yourself even more. However, to increase your happiness more, I have brought a small gift for you. I’m dropping it at your desk. Do check it. Enjoy, but don’t exhaust yourself in finding who I’m!

13- I wish you a less expensive Christmas and a debit free year! Happy Christmas!

14- The whole year you waited for this day, right? Now, when it is finally here, I hope you celebrate the joy and magic of Christmas with this prettiest gift. I want to see your eyes light up after reading (no, not your credit card bill) but my note and after seeing the wonderful present that I’ve left at your doorstep. I’ve got a matching envelope for you, enjoy!

15- It must be a very exhausting year for you. I want to tell you that it was the same for everyone. But let’s forget the fever and fret of life and wonder how it feels to get your favorite thing as a present. Yes, you have got a present! From whom? That’s what you never know. Enjoy the gift and take a break.

16- I’ve got the gift of your dreams. No, it’s not a house or a boat. I know you dream about them, but still, it’s not. Not yet. Maybe next year. Till then, consider this gift and just a small secret Santa note. May you have a wonderful year ahead!

17- You’ve been thinking a lot lately. Stop. Take a break. Here’s your gift. Enjoy. But now don’t tire yourself thinking about who brought it for you because you will never know this secret!

18- Surely you know how busy I have been lately, curating gifts and letters for people. How can I forget you! I’ve curated one of the most exciting gifts for you. I hope you will love it and write back to me. Your Santa Pa!

19- You have been eating a lot lately. I hope your stomach tackles everything like a champ. But here is a gift for you that might help you in balancing your weight. Keep eating and enjoy your vacations!

Secret Santa funny messages