Secret Santa Christmas Wishes


Hope you will be in seventh heaven after listening to the news of the Christmas holidays. Everyone was sending something to his Santa so how could I lack in this. I thought to send my Santa beautiful wishes on account of Christmas. No doubt, you are the true inspiration for me and play a vital role in my life. I will not reveal my identity; just consider that I am your well-wisher who is opening his heart to you. May you get what you desire and enjoy sound and good health. Please take care of yourself and your family and enjoy at your best this Christmas. Merry Christmas my love!


Love is something that does not know the boundary of caste, creed, and color. I am your secret Santa and I am sending you my heartiest wishes with love and care. I know that you have to suffer a lot due to your disability but trust me the people who discourage you do not know the true spirit of humanity. I have always found you jovial and inspirational and I love to be in your company. I cherish each and every moment spent in your kind company. May you enjoy this Christmas. Love you a lot.


Hello Darcy, hope you will be well and doing fantastic. You will be surprised now to see my message. I am your colleague but I will not reveal who I am as it is a secret. I adore you for being an honest colleague. I have learned a lot of working skills from you. The time spent in your company has great importance for me. You are not only a colleague but a true friend and guider. You have stood by me through each difficult time and never made me feel alone and I thank you a lot for all this. Merry Christmas to you and your family and enjoy this Christmas with your loved ones. Stay blessed always.


Dear Mr. Adam, here is my token of love for you as you are the best thing that has ever occurred in my life. I will not disclose my name and will keep it a secret. This message is to let you know my sincere feelings for you. The day you have come into my life, each and every second of it is becoming important for me. You are the reward of some good deeds that I have been bestowed with you. You are not only my love but also a guider and confidant that guide me towards the right path. May you get the reward for your kindness. On this Christmas, I pray that you never get sorrows in your life and enjoy safe and sound health. Take a lot of care of yourself as I have no other you. You are truly a blessing to me. Lots of love and Merry Christmas to you.


Dear Sir, I am sending this message with a tender heart and sincere feelings. This is a little surprise from my side to send something to my Santa. This chance of writing is just an honor for me to pay gratitude to you. Thank you so much for being so valuable and guiding. you are always kind to your students and never let them down. Your encouraging words always make me feel extraordinary. You guide us like a father that wants to see his children grow successful and happy. As it is a Christmas tradition to send gifts on Christmas so I am sending it along with this message and I hope that you will like it. Merry Christmas to you my most favorite teacher!


Dear Miss Eustacia, as we all know that Christmas is coming and everyone is busy sending something to Santa. I am so much glad and lucky that I am your Secret Santa. You are not only my friend but also a person of great importance to me that always takes care of me. You might be shocked that who I am but I will not reveal my name till the end. You have remained a great helping hand for me and I love you for all this support. I will keep sending you Christmas gifts this whole week as you are very special to me. Merry Christmas!

Secret Santa Christmas Wishes