Sales Executive Appointment Letter

Sales executives have a key role to play in the sales department of an organization to boost the sales of the company. They act as a bridge between the clients and the company by answering all the queries of the company, by telling customers about the new products of the company and whatnot. There are lots of other work responsibilities that a sales executive is entitled to.

What is the appointment letter of the sales executive?

An appointment letter is a formal piece of document that a company or an individual writes to a person who has been hired for the post of sales executive. Before a person is hired, there are different communication phases between the company and the applicant. However, the applicant is not sure whether he has been selected or not until he receives the appointment letter. This letter genuinely relates to the offer letter that was sent to that person earlier.

How to write the appointment letter to the sales manager?

When it comes to writing the appointment letter, every organization wants to sound professional so that the person being appointed can understand how serious the company is about working with him. So, the guidelines given below are to help you know how an effective letter looks like:

Inform the employee about his appointment:

You should begin the letter with a statement that can emphatically tell the employee that he has been hired and appointed on the post of sales executive. To confirm the appointment, provide the details of the job such as opening and closing timings, number of working days, etc.

Welcome the newly appointed employee:

You should welcome the newly hired employee wholeheartedly to make him feel good. It is a basic requirement to make a person feel comfortable at the new place.

Introduce HR of the company:

Since the appointment letter is brief, there are lots of details that cannot be added to the letter. For example, you cannot specify the job responsibilities in the appointment letter as it will make the letter too long. So, you should introduce the hiring manager to the employee. This will give a direction to the employee as to where to go when he has to know anything about his job.

Close the letter appropriately:

This letter needs to be closed properly because you want to make an impression. In the end, you usually wish the employee the best of luck and also tell him what you expect from him. This will make the employee clear about what and how much to deliver to meet the expectation level of the company.

Sample Letter

Mention the address of the sender:

Date: 13th April 20XX

Name of the recipient,
Address and contact details of the recipient

Subject: Appointment letter for [X]

Dear ABC,

We are very happy to announce that you have been appointed as a sales executive in the sales department in XYZ Company effective 14th April 20XX.

The timing of your work will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Your salary in the company as a sales executive will be 2000$ which is negotiable. We welcome you to our company with warm wishes and we expect that you will work to your full potential to make the company meet its sales targets. We hope that we will never regret our decision to appoint you on this very post.

In case you want to know the terms and conditions of the job or anything about your appointment, you can read the job offer letter that you have received already.

You can visit the company and talk to the hiring manager to seek information about your job responsibilities as a sales executive.

In case you have any query regarding the job you have been appointed on, you can talk to our HR department. We would like to congratulate you to get hired by our company and becoming a part of it. We are looking forward to reaping fruitful benefits after working within the sales department. Wish you the best of luck.


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