Show Cause Notice for Severe Misconduct

What is show-cause notice?

This kind of notice is an official document that a court writes to someone who is found guilty of severe misconduct. In different scenarios, the show cause notice is drafted. When a student misbehaves in an educational institute, the institute has a right to send him a show-cause notice.

What is the purpose of the show cause notice?

As the name suggests, the show cause notice is sent to someone who the court wants to ask to tell the cause of a certain action that was unacceptable. When a court decides to take any action against someone due to some offensive charges against him/her, that person can submit an application to the court requesting it to not take action against him.

In response, the court sends a notice and asks the applicant to provide a set of reasons as to why the particular action should not be taken against him. This notice makes the employee feel that he can apologize for the misconduct or correct his behavior to dodge the bullet

How to write?

This notice is quite similar to the explanation letter. Following are guidelines to write it:

  1. As soon as you start the body of the notice, you should tell the reader that this document should be served as a show-cause notice and he is required to provide the cause.
  2. The notice should include the background that compelled the company to send this notice to the recipient. Describe the kind of misconduct that has been seen and also specify who mentioned the misconduct. You should specify this in the notice if colleagues of the recipient made complaints against his misconduct or the employer has witnessed the misconduct.
  3. People working in an organization are usually well aware of the policies and they also know the possible consequences of the misconduct. Still, you can take some time and reiterate the viewpoint of the company to handle the misconduct. This will make the opinion of the company stronger and it will correct the behavior of the company.
  4. In the end, if the company has decided to terminate the employee from his job, it should give one chance to the employee to explain his position. You can simply ask the employee to tell why he thinks he should not be terminated.
  5. Reiterate this in the letter that the company has decided to take this action after several verbal and written warnings. This will show that the company is going to take action against the employee as per the employment contract.

Sample show cause notice:



Name of the recipient of the notice:

Designation of the recipient:

Subject: Show cause notice for severe misconduct

This notice is being written with reference to the complaints that I have received against you for showing misconduct. According to a few reports against you, you have been seen misbehaving with your colleagues. Your derogatory remarks about one of your colleagues are present on the record. It is the main priority of our organization to ensure the prevalence of a healthy environment and atmosphere at the workplace in which every person can work with peace. We respect all of our employees equally:

Below is a detailed description of the events in which you had been so offensive towards others:

On 15th March, you were seen passing derogatory remarks about Mr. John by calling him a ‘’moron’’.

After 5 days on 20th March, you were seen in a brawl with some of the workers from the engineering department. Apart from this, many other minor incidences have also been reported by many other people working with you. You have been admonished many times verbally. However, we have not seen any kind of improvement in your attitude.

We are hereby, requesting you to write back to us and let us know the reasons behind all of these offensive acts. You are also requested to give reasons as to why the company should not take action against you.

You can submit the explanation by the 25th of this month to the managing director of the company.


Name of the sender

Designation of sender


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