Response to Complaint of Delay of Delivery

A response to the complaint of delay of the delivery is a formal letter on the company letterhead written by the organization with which the customer has lodged a complaint. It is addressed to that customer and an explanation with an apology is provided by the organization to make the angry customer happy. As this is a response letter, it should clearly and properly handle the particular complaint and issue of the delay in the delivery of products, that the customer has faced.

A delay in the delivery of goods from the organization’s side may occur due to many reasons, such as:

  • There was a shortage of raw materials, which delayed production.
  • The union strikes or other internal and external factors delayed the production.
  • Some other project needed production on an urgent basis.
  • The quality check department did not approve the products, and hence, they needed to be produced again, before sending them to the customer.
  • The courier company or the delivery department did not pick up at the right time, etc.

These reasons may be unknown to a customer, and if he gets a late delivery, his business and income might get affected as well. He would lodge a complaint with the company, and demand compensation, or at least an explanation. Therefore, it is the organization’s responsibility to cater to his complaint and inform him about the factors that caused a delayed delivery. In addition, usually, some sort of an offer is given to make up for the customer’s lost business or time.

The correspondence with the customer is, usually, done through a letter of response to the complaint of delay of the delivery. The information included in such letters may vary as per:

  • The circumstances,
  • The company’s policies,
  • The severity of the complaint,
  • The relationship with the customer,
  • The compensation offered by the company, etc.

However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Customer details.
  • Organization details.
  • Reference to the customer’s complaint.
  • Organization’s response, explanation, and reasons behind the delay in the delivery.
  • Apologetic statements to make the customer satisfied as well as to retain him.
  • Compensation or offer to make up for the delay.
  • Request the customer to avoid giving negative reviews to or bad mouthing the organization.

Sample Letter

Eric Dane
Manager at ABC Shop

Dated: 28th February 20XX

Subject: Response to delayed delivery complaint

Dear Eric,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and happiness. I am writing to respond to you about your complaint that you lodged yesterday on our official website regarding the issue of delayed delivery. Our team viewed your complaint and to take matters seriously, made efforts to find out the culprit behind delayed delivery. Our company takes great pride in providing timely delivery of your goods at your doorstep, therefore, we apologize for the delay.

Upon investigation, we found out that your package was handed to the delivery team on time, but the delivery vehicle met a serious accident, and the process of delivery was delayed. Change of vehicle also lengthen the delivery process thus, you had to suffer.

The accident was uncalled for, but we apologize for the inconvenience it caused you. We will try to provide exceptional services in the future. We expect you to trust us and enjoy our services fully as our team is more than happy to serve its valued customers.

Best wishes.


[Writer Name]
Manager at XYZ Company

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