Response Letter to Complaint of Parents about Study

A response letter to the complaint of the parents about the study is a formal letter, written by the principal or head of the institution, in which he addresses the concerned parent, and responds to the parent’s complaint regarding the dissatisfactory level of study. This letter is printed on the letterhead of the institution and is signed by the authorized person.

Sometimes, if the parents are not satisfied with their children’s learning, they may complain to the institution, and seek an explanation, as they are the ones, who are paying the institution. Some of the complaints about the study could be:

  • The teachers are not teaching properly or are not giving enough time to the students.
  • The frequency of the change of teachers is high.
  • The grades of the child are falling, and the child has unclear concepts.
  • The child was performing well in the previous school, but his performance is unsatisfactory in the new school, etc.

In such cases, where the parents are unhappy, and they launch a complaint, it is important for the institution head to reply, explain and make them satisfied. The parents are like clients, and the institution is like an organization, and if the client is not happy, the organization will certainly suffer. Therefore, it is important to respond properly to the complaints of the parents. One of such ways is to communicate to them through a response letter to the complaint of the parents about the study.

The content of such letters may vary as per the:

  • Institution’s policies.
  • The severity of the complaint.
  • The influence of the parents, e.g., if they frequently give donations, if they have more than one child enrolled.
  • The explanation or response of the organization, etc.

However, generally, the following details are included in such response letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the parent.
  • Details of the institution head.
  • Reference to the complaint.
  • Response of, and solution by the institution, including explanations, apologies, rectification, etc.
  • Compensation, if any.
  • Request the parents to avoid giving negative reviews about the institution.

When a parent receives this letter and believes that the institution is resolving his issue, he may not take any further action, and give the institution another chance. In the opposite scenario, if the parent does not get satisfied with the institution’s response, he may withdraw his child from the institution.


Dear Meezo,

Living without you is very difficult but I am getting accustomed to the hostel life gradually. I received your letter yesterday and felt ashamed after learning that you received my result card from the college.

I am aware of your concerns about my studies. Kindly know that I never wanted to let you both down, but I couldn’t prepare for exams due to the stress and anxiety of first term exams at a new institution. Everything is different from my previous institution, and I had to work very hard to achieve good scores, but the stress got better for me, and I couldn’t perform well. I apologize to both of you for my poor result, but I also assure you that I am working on covering up my syllabus and performing better in the next term’s exams.

I love you both very much and cannot even think of disappointing you in any aspect of my life. I will try my best to perform exceptionally and make you proud.



Response Letter to Complaint of Parents about Study

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to respond to your complaint on 4th august 20XX.

We try to offer a high standard of education and state-of-the-art facilities to our students. We believe in constant training of our teachers, so to meet the high demands of the market as well as the parents.

We are extremely sorry that you had a bad experience with our school. We investigated the case after your complaint, that your child’s grades have fallen, as compared to his previous school. We have analyzed many factors, and have concluded that his teacher had a grudge against him which resulted in his bad grades.

To set a precedent, we have terminated that teacher, and we will ensure that nothing of such sort will ever happen again. If this would have been on our notice before, we would have acted prior to the result. We are reassessing and reissuing your child’s results as well. Please collect it from the administration on 10th August 20XX.

We hope you will understand and take your complaint back. Kindly, remove your negative review from our official page as well.

Thank you.


Martha Watson.

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