Resignation Letter due to Manager’s Cruel Behavior

The resignation letter is written by an employee to his company as a result of the hostile nature and cruel behavior of the manager. This kind of letter is a hard one to write because it is filled with bitter realities, emotions, charge sheets on management, anger, and hate, etc. against the manager or concerned immediate boss. None of the employees wants to resign from his job but when clashes between him and the management go beyond a certain limit, there comes a time when he is forced to write this kind of hard letter. 

If the people in top management do not take care of their employees, it’s hard to think about the fact that employees would care for them. In that scenario, they will take no time to leave such companies. No one is ready for this type of situation and tries to fix it by informing HR at the first stage. Writing a resignation letter is lying at the last stage caused by frustration in the employee as a result of ‘no change’ in his manager’s cruel behavior.

The clash may arise due to the harsh policies of the company. Then, in that case, it’s up to the employee to decide to what extent he wants to highlight the issue. But, in each case, a letter of this kind must show respect towards the company he has been working for.

Sample Letter -1

28th April 20XX

Harry Dickson
CEO Stars Marketing
Michigan, 12345

Dear Mr. Harry,

I am informing you regretfully that this letter of mine should be taken as last because I intend to resign from my position as an office coordinator due to the cruel and harsh behavior of the manager. Owing to his harsh nature, I foresee serious issues arising in employees. It took me two weeks to make this hard decision because I have been serving this company for the last ten years. I learned a lot of new techniques while staying here and I am aware of the sincere efforts you made to keep the calm working environment.

Everything was well here, and I was satisfied with my job when Mr. Andrew joined the office as the new manager. Right from his first day of joining, he started showing hostility towards me and the rest of the employees. As a result, he disturbed a peaceful and calm working environment.

You know the relationship between a manager and employee should be of cooperation and support. He negates this fact, uses bullying to tease the employees, abuses them all the time, and in this way, he wants to be an authoritarian one which is not acceptable to a sensitive person like me. It has become impossible for me to work in such a hostile and non-cooperative environment.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned facts, I request you to accept my resignation with immediate effect.

Yours Sincerely,


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Sample Letter -2

28th April 20XX

Charles Ambrose
CEO Stars Marketing
Michigan, 67890

Dear Mr. Dickon,

I, through this letter, want to inform you that I will no longer be a part of your company W.E.F. 01-06-20XX because I am resigning from my position as Assistant Manager. I had to take this decision due to the cruel behavior of Mr. George who has recently been appointed as our new manager.

Last week, our company’s top management ask names for promotion. Everyone knew that it was my turn for promotion this year. In contrast, the manager recommended the names of those persons who were juniors and in his inner circle. When I protested his cruel act, he started targeting my performance and abused me many times. He threatened me that I would be transferred to a far-off place if I resisted him in the future.

To me, this noncooperative and cruel behavior is not acceptable at all. I am enclosing my resignation with this letter. Please accept it.

Yours Sincerely,


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