Request Letter for Work Completion Certificate

This letter is written by an employee when he wants to get favor and permission from his existing company or an organization in order to join a new one. Issuance of work completion letter is an integral part of the job, mandatory for every organization, and a basic right of every employee. When the contract period of an employee reaches the point of completion, a company issues completion certificate. Such certificates are usually issued at the request of the employee. Civil, Electrical, construction, digital marketing, etc. are types of works against which a completion certificate is mostly requested.

Purpose of the letter

The basic purpose of this letter is to request an employer testifying that work has been completed as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. In return, it will help the employee get a new and better contract. It has its legal importance as well. This certificate, once issued, indicates that the project has been completed on time and there is nothing due on behalf of the certificate bearer. A contractor cannot be held responsible for any missing part of the project after work completion letter has been issued.

Work completion request letter can be written by:

  • Consultant after developing research methodology.
  • A team after handling and establishing digital marketing business.
  • An agent after successful handling of customer calls.

Letter -1

Dear Johnson,

I am pleased to inform you that I have been able to complete [X] work within a specified limit of time. I started work with my team after signing a contract on 30-05-20XX having five years’ tenure. It is a big achievement on behalf of my team because we are going to complete it within a week because it was a mega project, requiring a lot of infrastructure work including making of destroyed floors, strengthening of the sewerage system, renovation of buildings, incorporation of new sanitary equipment. Our contract is going to be expired on 31-05-20XX. Keeping in view the current speed of work, I am foreseeing this project to be completed on 01-05-20XX. My team enjoyed a lot working with you indeed. 

Keeping in view the earlier completion of the work, I have enclosed the original receipt of the last pending bill. At the same time, I request you to issue me a work completion certificate.

I hope you will entertain my request for work completion certificate as soon as possible. I wish to work with you again.



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Letter -2

Dear Alex,

I, Anderson, forward a formal request to you for the issuance of the work completion certificate. I have been working with your insurance company as a call center agent since 2010. I learned and enjoyed a lot while working with your esteemed company.

Last year in May 2019, as a call center agent, I was assigned the target to persuade 1000 customers and to get them insured with our company. I strived hard in order to accomplish the work successfully. I am pleased to inform you that I have accomplished my work a month before the deadline. Instead of 1000, I registered 1100 customers with our company so as to bring a big investment of 77000 dollars. Indication of my work completion can also be verified through my yearly performance evaluation letter.  

Keeping in view the above-mentioned facts, I request you to issue me a work completion certificate as soon as possible. This will be a great favor to me from your side. At the same time, I request further to incorporate my achievement in that letter so as to make it attractive and powerful.

Thanking you in anticipation.



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