Reprimand Letter for Missing a Company Event

A diverse range of professional organizations and business companies like to arrange grand events on various occasions throughout their functional year. With the intention of multi-purposes, such events are arranged with full zest and fervor with a lot of hard work and time going towards their planning and preparation.

Even when most of the companies do not like to release an official statement making the presence of each and every staff member mandatory at the event, it is implicitly understood that everyone needs to attend the event under the work ethics that apply to all.

Many people, however, tend to take such events lightly and prefer spending their free evening somewhere they like rather than gearing themselves up to attend a formal office event. Such an attitude is unacceptable because of the negative message those who commit it give to others and can have serious repercussions for other company events to come if proper steps are not taken to combat it.

As someone who holds a powerful say in the company’s matters and would be listened to by the employees, you may be asked to write a warning letter to someone who intentionally skips an organizational event. In that case, you can follow this simple sample letter given below and can edit it to suit your needs so that it may fulfill the purpose.

Sample Letter


Mr. XYZ,

[Department’s Name]

Subject: Warning letter for missing the company event.

Mr./Miss/Mrs. XYZ,

I hope this letter finds you in a good state of health. I am writing this letter for the purpose of making you realize how your absence from the company’s recent event has affected your reputation in the eyes of everyone at the office. I want to bring it to your notice that the event organizing committee along with other concerned individuals, has taken your absence from the event as your carelessness and indifference towards our important achievements that we all like to celebrate together as a family.

You have been reported to have no obvious reason behind skipping the evening’s affair and, at an instant or two, have been observed making fun of the event and its purpose. Your cold attitude has not only hurt the sentiments of those who have been working day and night for the past few months to make the event happen but has also caused a great uproar among the highest authority that is planning to punish anyone who gets caught doing the same next time.

I would, however, not like to hold grudges against you because of something that could have been your ignorance and an unintentional act. Nevertheless, I would like you to visit me during office hours and provide an honest explanation of your absence from the event.

I would really appreciate it if this letter is treated as a serious warning and I am never made to feel the need to write something like this again. I hope you will let the bygones be bygones and will ensure your full presence and active participation at all other events that our company holds in the future.



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