Rental Contract Form

A rental contract form is an official agreement between two parties where one party i.e. landlord provides a building or accommodation to the other party i.e. renter or tenant. These contracts outline all sorts of terms and conditions to avoid issues later on. A rental contract form can either be devised by the landlord or attorney to jot down all types of concerns and guidelines related to the use of rented premises.

Rental contract forms are used for personal as well as commercial purposes to nullify conflicts that may arise after some time. Both parties need to agree to all the terms of the contract otherwise, it would not be considered by any court of law. Rental contract forms are official documents thus, they can be challenged legally by any party.

The law of the state gives leverage to both parties to make sure that tenants are not exploited at the hands of the landlord therefore, while drafting rental contract forms, policies of the state are included. Tenants enjoy certain policies that are in their favor and allow them to be prepared for bad times before they encounter them.

If you have any place that you want to rent, you will need to have a written contract for this. You will then have proof and the signatures of the person who is renting your place.

What is a rental contract form?

A rental contract form can help you develop a suitable agreement between you and the individual or company concerned. This form will have the stated terms of rent and any other details.

Advantages of the form

The rental contract form is important because:

  • It is written as proof of what you expect from the person or company renting your place.
  • If any problem occurs, you have the conditions signed in this document, which can be shown in court even if required.
  • Both parties have proof if any problem arises, like if the person renting the place tells the rented to leave before the prescribed time.

The rental contract form should be made in a way that everything is clear to both parties concerned. Rental disagreements do occur between the parties; therefore, it is better to have written and signed proof of any conditions and rules present. This form can even be presented in court if required. Therefore, if you are the person renting out the place, state any conditions you want to be followed instead of facing problems later.



Templates for rental contract forms can be downloaded from the internet because hundreds of template makes it easy to choose from.

Generally, the rental contract form covers the following topics regarding renting,

  1. The parties among which this rental contract form is being drafted on __/__/__ (date) are mentioned below, Mr. ___________ (Landlord) with a mailing address __________ and contact no. ________ shall be renting a residential 2-story building in XYZ colony. Mr. ___________ (Renter) has a contact no. _________.
  2. Renter shall be allowed to take over the premises on __/__/__ (date).
  3. A security deposit of two months shall be submitted to the landlord till __/__/__ (date).
  4. The renter will be responsible for paying rent by the 10th of each month.
  5. All utility bills of the building shall be paid by the renter within the due date to avoid inconvenience.
  6. The landlord would not tolerate any complaints from neighbors regarding loud music, irrelevant access to random people, or any other suspicious activity.
  7. In case of suspicious activity, the landlord shall contact law enforcement without discussing with the renter.
  8. This building can only be used for residential purposes, the renter shall not use it commercially.
  9. This agreement shall be applicable for 4 years if the renter wishes to continue the contract, it can be renewed based on the agreement of both parties.
  10. Landlord shall be able to evacuate renters with a notice period of 2 months.
  11. Changes to the construction shall be communicated with the landlord before starting the whole process.
  12. Renters shall not keep any other family for more than 1 month.


 Signature (landlord)



Signature (renter)



Rental contract forms are of utmost importance because,

  • They provide basic rights to renters and protect them from exploitation.
  • Landlords can also be held in contempt if they fail to provide renters with their basic rights.
Rental Contract Form Template

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Rental Contract Form
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