Regret Letter for not Attending a Meeting/Conference


It is to inform you that I have received from your side invitation to the annual meeting to be held on next week. I have done setting according to the meeting and the presentation is quite ready. But I have an appointment to doctor for a medical check-up. In this regard, I would like to submit that I am unable to attend the said meeting due to preoccupation on the next week. However, I would submit the presentation and document for your kind perusal and record. I hope that you would consider my request for not attending the meeting sympathetically and would accept the same.


I wish to inform that your invitation for attending a day conference about health issues is received. I would appreciate your efforts to highlight the needs and aspects of healthy living. Health is a blessing and is a major issue among youth. It is a great opportunity for me to attend the said conference and speak about it. But I am disappointed to tell you that I cannot attend the conference because of the marriage ceremony of my son on the same day. I hope you would consider my request for not attending this audacious conference. I will be highly grateful to you.


I feel great pleasure to know that you have planned to hold a business meeting and invited me to discuss the day-to-day activities of the company. I know that it is the dream of every employee to attend the business meeting and inform his performance to Management. I also want to attend the meeting but sorry to say that I have been given an appointment by the physician for my long ailing son who is suffering from a chronic disease for long. You are therefore requested to kindly exempt me as I have to visit the hospital. I will be highly grateful to you for this act.


I have seen your message in which you invited me to attend the conference about youth behavior. Youth is the main subject of society and I appreciate you in this regard. But I am disappointed to say that I am not able to attend the meeting. I met an accident last due to which I am not able to stand and speak properly. The doctor advised me to stay at home. I regret missing this conference but soon I will make it up for you. I hope you would realize my position and let me off. I will be thankful to you for this act.


I have received your message about attending the meeting next week. It is held to discuss the upcoming challenges faced by the business. I am glad to know that you are much conscious about challenges related to business. I want to attend the meeting because I am a keen employee in this company. Unfortunately, I regret conveying my inability to attend the meeting due to a lack of conveyance. The meeting location is far from my area and there is no conveyance for me to reach the meeting. I regret to say that I am not able to attend this meeting. Kindly exempt my presence from the meeting. I will be obliged to you for this act.

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