Project Invitation Letter Sample

A project needs much work and effort put into it. The ones involved in it will want to get their work appreciated. Sometimes one may need help from others to do the project. The ones who have made the project can invite people to contribute to it. This invitation must occur professionally.

What is a project invitation letter?

A project invitation letter is a letter written to invite people to contribute to a project. The people who have made the project may be inviting others to its presentation so that they can add their insights as well.

Importance of a project invitation letter:

The letter is a formal and professional way to invite people to the project. The receiver can consider contributing to it especially if it is written professionally. The ones holding the event can know how many people are attending it and organize it accordingly. This is when those who are interested give back a response that they accept the invitation.

Tips to create a project invitation letter:

If you need to make a project invitation letter you should keep the format professional. The following tips can be considered when drafting it:

  • Microsoft Word: The letter should not be written. You can type it in Microsoft Word.
  • Receiver’s details: Give the name and address of the receiver.
  • Date: State the date that the letter has been written.
  • Sender’s Details: Provide the name and address of the sender.
  • Subject: This should be short and tell what the letter is about. It can be something like a “Project Invitation Letter”.
  • Address reader: You can address the reader with “Dear” and their name.
  • Body of letter: You can start the letter by telling who you are, your name, and your designation. Then state that you are writing the letter to invite the person to be a part of the project. You can give the name of the project. Tell me why you think this person is valuable to the project. You may give some details about the project so the reader can know about it. State the date when you hope the person can be a part of the project. Let the reader know that if there are any queries, who they can contact. Give the name and contact number of the person and state when they can be contacted.
  • Ending: The letter can be ended with something like “Yours Sincerely”. You can then add your signature, name, and designation.
  • Check for errors: If you want the reader to take the letter seriously, there must be no spelling and grammar mistakes. The letter should convince the person to want to be a part of the project.

A project invitation letter is a professional way to invite someone to be a part of your project. You should be able to convince the person to want to do this. The letter should be written convincingly.

Sample project invitation letter:


I am (state your name) from (tell which institution, organization, etc. you are from). I am a (state your designation). I would like to invite you to be a part of my project (give the name of the project). I hope that you can be a part of this project from (give the date). (Give some details about the project so that the reader knows about it. Do not include too much information here, just add the relevant points). The presentation for the project will be held on (give date) at (provide a location where this will occur) from (state the time when it will start).

I feel that you can help this project out due to your designation and skills. (Tell how the person can help your project out). The project will be helped significantly by your contribution to it.

If there are any queries you can contact me directly at (give you phone number and/or email address). If you are interested, can you please let me know about this as well by contacting me?

Yours Sincerely,

(Provide your signature)

(State your name)

(Tell your designation)

Project invitation letter template

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