Proposal Acceptance Thank You Letter

A business needs to pursue all its activities professionally so that all parties take them seriously. An organization may have sent a proposal to another client to work with them. They may have received a proposal acceptance letter. It is necessary to respond to this with a proposal acceptance thank you letter.

What is a proposal acceptance thank you letter?

A proposal acceptance thank you letter is the one sent by an organization whose proposal has been accepted. It is sent to the organization that has accepted the proposal. The letter will give thanks for this and respond to the proposal acceptance letter.

Importance of a proposal acceptance thank you letter:

A proposal acceptance thank you letter is important as it lets the other party know that the business has responded to their proposal acceptance letter. The letter can be kept as proof if needed later on in case of disputes. The queries in the proposal acceptance letter can be answered here.

Tips to create a proposal acceptance letter:

If you need to draft a proposal acceptance letter, you should make it professionally and formally. The following tips can be kept in mind when writing it:

  • Format of the letter: The letter should look professional so you can type it on the company’s letterhead. Choose a readable font like Times New Roman or Arial. The size should be 12 or 14.
  • Contact information: Provide your name and company address. You will give the date after this. State the recipient’s name and their company’s address.
  • Subject: This is often in bold and summarizes what the letter is about. It is optional. You can write something like “Proposal acceptance thank you letter” for instance.
  • Address the reader: This can be done with “Dear” and the recipient’s name.
  • Body of the letter: Start by telling which company you are from and why you are writing the letter. It will be in response to the business proposal made by the other company. Tell the date when the proposal was sent. State that you are delighted to receive the proposal acceptance letter. Tell of any documents that you have received and state of any business meetings that need to be held where unfinished business can be pursued. Express thanks to the company for responding professionally. End up telling how the company can contact you. Provide contact details here.
  • Ending: End the letter by thanking the reader. You can then end with “Regards” and your company name and address.
  • Proofread: It is necessary to proofread the letter to see if there are any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Final words:

A proposal acceptance thanks letter should be made with a formal tone. You want to thank the other organization for having accepted your proposal and give suggestions on how to continue with the deal.

Sample proposal acceptance thank you letter:

(Sender’s name)

(Sender’s address)

(Letter date)

(Recipient’s name)

(Recipient’s address)

Subject: Proposal acceptance thank you

Dear (name of recipient),

I am writing this letter to your organization on behalf of (state your company’s name) with reference to the proposal made by (state your company’s name) on (tell the address). I am delighted to have gotten your proposal acceptance letter.

Our company wishes to communicate our cordial thanks to your organization for accepting the proposal and showing confidence in our origination.

We have received initial documentation from you. We hope to arrange a meeting where both companies can work on the project and finish any documentation and contract details. It is necessary to discuss market strategies and how to handle any issues when they arise. (State any points that need to be discussed between both parties so that work can continue.

We are grateful that you have responded quickly and professionally. We have enclosed a meeting schedule. We again thank you for your interest in working with us.

If there are any queries, you can contact us at (tell how they can contact you and provide contact details, give time for when they can contact you).

Thank you.


(Name of your company)

(Address of your company)

Proposal Acceptance Thank You Letter

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