Partnership Exit Agreement Letter

In the business world, partnership agreements and contracts are considered very critical because they help people protect their rights. In the professional world, whether you are entering a legally binding or you want to exit it, a written agreement will always be the best choice to be considered.

What is a partnership exit agreement letter?

It is a legally binding agreement that is used to draft all the terms and conditions by the partner who wants to exit an agreement. This agreement is a useful written contract because it helps people exit safely while protecting their and other people’s rights. All the parties involved in an agreement sign this agreement.

What is the purpose of the partnership exit agreement?

Just like any other agreement, this legally binding document also ensures that all the parties involved in an agreement are on the same page. Through this contract, the person exiting the agreement makes sure that everyone in the contract understands the exit and the situation in which the person is leaving the contract.

Usually, people often get into a dispute when one of the partners leaves the contract. To prevent this situation, it is better to bring everyone on one page. For this purpose, a partnership exit contract is used.

What information is included in the partnership contract letter?

The basic details that are added to the agreement letter are:

Details of assets and liabilities:

When partners in an agreement hear about your exit, they want to know what will become of their assets and liabilities. Therefore, you need to specify in the letter how the assets and liabilities will be handled after you leave.

Details of payment of various types:

In a partnership, everything is shared among partners whether it is profit or debt. Any person who wants to leave the agreement is required to mention his share of debt and outstanding payments and also discuss whether the payment has been made or it will be paid in the future.

Discussion of terms and conditions:

Whenever any partner decides to exit a business relationship, they have to do it according to the agreed-upon terms and conditions. Such conditions should always be specified in the letter to make it clear that whoever is leaving after following a regular course of action which is completely lawful. This way, a person can easily protect himself while exiting.

Exit on a good note:

Sometimes, we have to end a business relationship because some very distasteful things happened. No matter how bad things were, it is always important to end on a good note. For this, you can mention that you are being fair in your dealings and you wish all your partners the best of luck.

Sample letter


Name of the partner:


Dear (mention the partner’s name),

With regret, I would like to let you know that my partnership with you will come to an end on 14th April 2033. This has happened due to some personal problems ongoing in my life. This decision has been taken after careful consideration and by following a course of action that is completely lawful and according to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

It was a great experience working with you in partnership and I would love to work with you again in the future.

According to the agreement, I am outlining some key terms and conditions according to which, I putting this agreement to an end. These terms and conditions are:

  • I am ready to pay all the outstanding debts and payments by 14th April 2023 before the end of this agreement. As per the contract, I will pay 50% of the total debt.
  • The assets and liabilities are being distributed between me and me equally.
  • I agree to not compete with you in the future based on the private information you shared with me during the time we worked with each other.

  • I believe that this agreement is brought to an end very gracefully and I wish you the best of luck for all future achievements and partnerships.


    Your name


Partnership Exit Agreement Letter

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