Notification Letters for Project

Every project has internal and external evaluation systems that allow the project to be tracked appropriately. Project updates are frequently recorded and communicated between the contractor and the contract awarding business/institute. This helps both parties to review progress on the project and identify any bottlenecks or expected delays.

Projects may encounter issues and delays owing to many reasons. There can be economic reasons, political, seasonal or legal issues that projects may come across. Even after thorough planning and sorting out legal matters, it is common for projects (particularly government-funded projects) to face delays or be put on hold. Some common reasons for projects to be delayed are:

  1. Economic reasons
    1. Sudden economic slowdown or boom
    2. Stock market crash
    3. Spike in interest rates driving the cost of investment up
    4. Sudden fluctuations in exchange rates
  2. Political reasons
    1. Lack of government will
    2. Lack of government funds
    3. Political opposition
  3. Social reasons
    1. Activists
    2. Civilian protests against a project
  4. Legal reasons
  5. Seasonal reasons
    1. Hurricanes, floods, drought or other natural disasters
    2. Earthquakes
    3. Rainfall, snowfall or extreme heat waves

In such scenarios, a notification letter must be written to the principal to explain unusual circumstances or any issues that are or have the potential to affect a project. Usually, notification letters are written by the contractor to the principal updating about the project. However, the principal party may also write notification letters based on the interim evaluation reports or other information that they may have.

1- Construction project delay letter

Notification for construction delay

It has been communicated to us by our field coordinator that the construction at the site [enter location/address] seems to be delayed. Our coordinator visited the site last week for monitoring and evaluation purposes. The project was supposed to enter the 6th stage as per the agreed timeline; however, it seems that the 5th stage which should have ended last week will require an additional month.

You are requested to provide a written explanation for the causes of construction delay within 3 days.

Construction project delay letter

2- Explanation letter for project delay

This is in response to the notification letter received for construction delay.  Due to the late release of funds, building material could not be purchased last month. As a result, the construction project at [enter location/address] has been delayed by a month. The construction work is expected to resume on [enter day/date] after the arrival of material. It is expected that the construction team will be able to complete stage 5 by the end of next week.

Explanation letter for project delay

3- Project delay letter to the client



Subject:                Project delayed

This is to inform you that the implementation of [enter project name] has been delayed owing to some technical issues in the project design. The project design requires revisiting some aspects and modifications to give the structure strength. A team of engineers has been formed that is working on the project design and is expected to report back in 3 weeks.

We also request you for a meeting so that the issues can be discussed in detail. Should you have any queries feel free to write to us.


Project delay letter to the client

4- Project on hold letter



Subject:  Project on hold

This is to inform you that project [enter id or name] has recently come under some legal complications. According to the legal team in our organization, it seems that the project must be put on hold until this matter is resolved. All project activities are to be halted immediately.

We shall update you about the status of the project as soon as the matter is resolved. Please expect at least 45 days hold on the project.


Project on hold letter

5- Letter for the delay in project completion



Subject:                Notification for a delay in project completion

This is to inform you that the project title ‘[enter project name]’ was expected to be completed in June according to the initial contract. However, as it was communicated to you earlier, owing to the difficulties faced in the implementation of the project, the project has taken longer to complete. The implementation of the social and media interaction has been completed. The project evaluation study will be initiated next week. Data collection, processing, and final report writing are expected to take another six weeks. The expected date for completion of the project is November 10, 20xx.

If you have any queries, please let us know.

Letter for the delay in project completion