Notice to Staff to Adhere to Shift Timings

This notice is written to inform the workers for representing punctuality and following the guidelines ensured for staff hours. In this notice information on working hours is discussed with some additional guidelines and rules to ensure the punctuality of staff.

The notice focuses on reminding the terms and conditions and warning criteria and delays in assigned tasks because of tardiness can be ensured. Any workplace can go through troubles where strict actions aren’t guaranteed to improvise punctuality, thus this notice can serve as the first step for adherence to shift timings.

Sample Notice:

[Name of the Organization]
[Date on which notice is issued]

Adherence of Shift Timings

Deal all,

This notice informs you about the regular work hours which are observed on [Mention time duration] timings. It clearly signifies that you are to perform your duties for [Mention hours] hours straight without any tardiness. Although it is observed from the past few days that some of the staff are not sticking to the provided time schedule, thus violating their code of conduct.

Our organization had always ensured the punctuality of every worker and thus violating these policies can cause serious disruption for not only your presence in this company but also for your fellow workers. As being appointed in this organization, you had signed on some initial papers which provided evidence for you to respect the working hours. But as seen for the past few days and going through the attendance register, I concluded for giving you a final notice.

After this, action on breach of code of conduct would be generated and strict actions would be taken against each employee. Be assured that I will be invigilating every staff member. In case someone still violates the rules and regulations of this company, I may proceed with further actions which may include demotion and reduction in salary.

However, we may attain a margin of [Mention timing] grace minutes if anyone experiences an emergency. Although for ensuring tardiness, you may follow some protocols on your behalf and read the punctuality code in the guidelines again. For the safe side, be reminded to leave your house 15 minutes earlier so you do not face any inconvenience for being late.

In case, a person falls into some commitment, he may notify me or the manager before opting for leave, and for that, you may email or contact me at [Provide contact details]. Keep in mind that lame excuses for leaving would not be entertained.

I hope that everyone reads this notice and improvises the rules on themselves so I may see a positive working environment in the coming days. In case of any other guideline, you may contact me at [Provide number].

(Mention Time and Venue) 

Authorized signatory 


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