Notification Letters

What is a notification letter?

Many organizations write the notification letter when they have to share some important information with the recipient. Generally, these letters are issued by the employer to his employees in order to tell something important. However, this letter is also used by different organizations to candidates.

For example, different embassies write the notification letter to the candidate to let him know whether his visa has accepted or not. No matter for what purpose you writes the letter, the objective of writing the letter should be clear

Tips for writing the notification letter:

In order to write a formal notification letter, the following tips can be very helpful for you.

  1. The letter should be written in a concise way in order to avoid any type of confusion. The basic objective of writing the letter should be a complete understanding of the recipient.
  2. It is important to include the background if you are notifying the recipient about your decision that you have made on the basis of something that happened in the past. For example, if you are notifying the employees about the prohibition of a cell phone during working hours, explain it in the letter that you have repeatedly asked the employees not to use the cell phone and now you are compelled to implement this policy.
  3. If you are notifying the employee about the implementation of the policy in the organization, mention the date on which the policy will be implemented.
  4. Keep the language of the letter simple and easy to understand.
  5. The letter should not be too long. For this, remove unnecessary details from it.
  6. The letter should be signed by the higher authorities of the organization

Notification letter template:

A professionally written letter has its own grace. One should know the importance of the notification letter before sending it to anyone. The notification letter template contains the complete format of the letter. Those who don’t know how to start the letter can take help from the template.

Moreover, the body of the letter template also gives an idea about how to write the notification letter. You can also download the notification letter template specific to your notification.

Few Samples


Notification letter for termination of job contract due to Performance

Subject: Termination of job contract due to [X] for [X]

Dear Alex,

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart and regret to notify you that your contract with [ABC Company] is going to be terminated from [date].  You know that I had some concerns taking your performance and, in this regard, I held a couple of meetings with you as well. In those meetings, we clearly discussed those problems we were facing owing to your poor performance. You were also given a sufficient time of 2 months to improve your performance and to rectify the mistakes that you had made in the past. However, no improvement in your behavior was observed during the said period. 

The management, after collecting all the relevant reports from your supervisor, decided to terminate your contract due to poor performance at the workplace. They were of the view that you did not pay any attention to your work, failed to meet the deadlines, remained absent for a week without informing, and involved in losing some of the valuable and potential clients of the company due to which the company had to bear great losses.

Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, your behavior became unprofessional that management had to take this hard decision of terminating your job contract.

Your final payment has been calculated by Human Resource Department and will be released on [date] after clearance from the finance department. Your experience certificate will also be dispatched to the address by the end of this month. At the same time, you are being requested to return all the company belongings you had been using since [X]. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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Company name change notification letter

To whom it may concern

Through this notification letter, we are informing our clients, business and formal contacts and everybody who is related with company matters due to any reason that with effect from [date] we are going to change our company name from [ABC] to [XYZ]. You are therefore requested to update your records with the new name of the company. It must be noted that from now onward, all the transactions, communication, and correspondence, which takes place on behalf of the company, will be done with reference to its new name [XYZ].

The above-mentioned decision was taken in a high-level meeting of officials at the company’s head office.

It is further notified that so far, no more change has been made regarding business nature, management structure, or customer services. We will update you if any further change is made. In the end, I would request you to send me an acknowledgment email to let me know that the new and updated name of the company has been noted by all of you. Thank you all for your kind cooperation with us.

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Notification letter for meeting

Stars Marketing Limited
38-A, Crawford Street, Ontario, Canada
Notification for 20th General Annual Meeting

I am pleased to notify you that the 20th general annual meeting of shareholders of Stars Marketing Limited is going to be held on Friday, 25th of October 20XX at 11:00 a.m. at the conference hall of the company head office located at [place]. This time, the meeting has been planned to keep in view the following agenda:

  • Consideration and adoption of the new accounts for the year 20XX following the recommendation of the board of directors.
  • Declaration of dividend for the current year fiscal which has been ended on [date].
  • Election of board of directors for a new term of three years.
  • Election of new office bearers for the next three years term.
  • Appointment of auditors and to fix their remuneration.
  • Miscellaneous/any other business related to company activities.
  • Voice of thanks.

Following points must be kept in mind keeping in view the upcoming meeting.

  • The deadline to get yourself registered for the meeting is [date] till 4:00 p.m. sharp. Registration facility has also been provided online on the company’s website.
  • Any member, not able to attend the meeting, may appoint a proxy to attend the meeting and to vote on his / her own behalf. For this purpose, a proxy form must be signed and stamped by a concerned member in case of such a situation.
  • Entrance to the meeting hall will be subjected to the production of the invitation and attendance slip which has been attached with this notification letter.

I hope you all will play your positive role in making the meeting successful. Thank you.

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