Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Stress

An immediate resignation letter due to stress is a letter that is written by an employee, who intends to leave his job instantly. The employee addresses his employer in this letter and informs him about his decision of immediate resignation. In addition to that, he provides the reason for such an immediate decision, whether it is a professional reason (work-related) or a personal one. However, usually, this letter is written if there is a problem in the work environment, which is escalating the stress levels.

The employees may face issues and challenges and deem resignation as the way out. The problems an employee usually face in a work environment could be:

  • A problematic boss.
  • A difficult team or non-cooperative juniors.
  • Demanding clients or customers.
  • Harassment.
  • Bad organizational culture.
  • Unavoidable peer pressure, etc.

When an employee faces any such issue, he tries to cope with it. This often results in a hike in stress levels. Some employees are better than others in handling stress, and the ones whose mental health starts getting affected, leave their job immediately.

The immediate resignation letter due to stress is then written by the employee who wants to inform his management about leaving his job immediately. The immediate resignation may cause problems for the company. Therefore, the employee should choose the right tone and politeness level.

The details included in such letters may vary, as they are dependent on the severity of the issue and the company requirements. However, usually, the general information in such letters include:

  • Date of the letter.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Resignation declaration.
  • The reasons behind the immediate resignation.
  • Last date of service.
  • Gratitude for learning and opportunities.
  • Offer help, if possible.
  • Salutations and signature.

Although, there are personal issues as well, which cause stress, and employees decide to lessen their stress level by resigning. However, usually, this letter is written in the cause of professional problems, as the employees try to keep the personal and work stress separate. At the same time, the same letter can be written in the case of personal reasons of stress as well.

Sample Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Stress




Dear Ms. Emily,

I am writing this letter as formal resignation from my ABC position in XYZ limited. My last day of service would be 30th March 20XX.

I have been working for your company for the last five years and have experienced great opportunities and learning. However, when I got promoted from my last position to the current one, the work pressure increased as well. I tried to cope and even sought managerial help to provide me with additional staff. I did not receive any help due to the cost-cutting the company has been going through. With time, my stress level increased to the extent that I am taking counseling sessions these days.

I apologize for such an immediate resignation, but my doctor has suggested leaving my current job instantly, as it is badly affecting my mental health and stress levels.

Please consider the month of March as my notice period, as I will not continue work after this month.

I understand my department has commitments toward several projects right now, and my immediate resignation may cause issues. Therefore, any of my colleagues can contact me at any time on [X]. I will try to provide help as much as I can.

Thank you for understanding.


John Wilson.

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