No Transfer of Salary Letter to HR

The HR department of the organization deals with various issues regarding employment salary and many more. Whenever an issue regarding the salary arises, HR should be informed about it.

What is no transfer of salary letter?

It is a business letter that an employee writes to HR letting him know that his salary has not been transferred to his account. It is the right of the employee to report the issue to his supervisor when he finds out that his salary has not been transferred to his account. 

Why is no salary transfer letter written?

The basic objective of this letter is to let the employer know that the salary has not been transferred to the employee and the employee should take necessary measures to ensure the salary transfer. People who don’t receive their salaries on time might write this letter to make a complaint to HR. 

How to write no transfer of payroll letter?

Follow the format:

You should be able to write an effective letter if you want your message to reach your employer with its true meaning. Therefore, you must follow the format of the letter. The complete description of the format is as follows:

  1. The date of writing the letter should be mentioned at the top of the letter. You can add the date either on the left or right side of the page
  2. Mention the name of the HR and the name of the company on the left side of the page. 
  3. Address the recipient by using the proper salutation
  4. Give details in the letter and then close it with signatures of the sender

 Give details of your salary account:

The employer will have to obtain your information as well as your salary account information before he takes any step further. So, start with giving your introduction by mentioning your name, your designation in the company, and your salary including all the allowances (not mandatory). After that, you can mention the name of the bank in which you have opened your salary account as per the instructions of the company and the date on which you were supposed to be receiving your salary. 

Specify the problem:

Once you have provided your details, now you can let HR know that you have not got your salary. Mention the period of salary that is due. To confirm your claim, mention the date of receiving your last salary from the company. Provide your account number so that the company can validate whether you have received the payroll or not. 

 Provide your contact details:

At the end of the letter, let HR know your contact details where you can be contacted in response to this letter. The company might send you an apology letter for causing inconvenience to you for not transferring salary to your account. In addition to it, thank the reader in the end and affix your signatures.

Get the template:

It is very easy to find a readymade template of the no transfer of salary letter. This template provides the user with the blueprint of the letter so that you can easily put your details and draft a professional business letter.


Before you send this letter away, proofread it carefully. Cross-check your contact details, your account number to ensure that there is no mistake.

Points to keep in mind:

While you draft a no transfer of salary letter, you should bear the following points in your mind

  • While you write this letter, make sure that you have your purpose clear in your mind. This way, you will be able to write the letter focused on informing the recipient about the issue of no salary transfer
  • There is no need to be emotional or explain how much inconvenience-no payroll transfer has caused you because getting the payroll for the work you have done is your right and there is no need to give any justification
  • The letter should be short and brief. This can be done if you add only those details that the reader requires to resolve the issue of no salary transfer

Sample Letter



(Recipient’s Name)
(Company Name)
(Recipient’s Address)

Sub: No transfer of salary for the month of [X]

Dear (Name of Recipient),

I (state your name) have been working with this company for (tell how many years). I have recently changed my bank account and gave the details to the accounts department. I did not receive a salary transfer for the month of (tell month). Before contacting you, I spoke to the administration and requested them to transfer the salary.

There was no response from them. My salary is (state days) late. I hope to bring this issue to your attention so that some action can be taken.


(Your Name)

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