Letter Reporting Misconduct of an Employee

When an employee is seen violating the policies and rules of the company or his wrongdoings have been reported, he can be considered to have been involved in the act of misconduct. Every organization has some codes of conduct that every person working in them is made aware of. So, they are never expected to show misconduct of any type. But, sometimes the employees go uncontrolled because of any reason.

What is a report letter of employee misconduct?

When you learn that an employee has not been working according to the rules of the company or his bad behavior is affecting others, you can write a report letter to HR letting him know about his behavior.

What to write in it?

Typically, people who have to report the misconduct are given a form that they fill and file a complaint. This complaint is then sent to the human resource department of the company. If you have not been given a form to fill, you will be required to write a letter. Following details can be added to this letter:

  1. A description of the employee’s behaviour that you think is worth reporting.
  2. A description of how it has been found that the said employee has violated the rules and regulations of the company
  3. An explanation of how the employee’s bad behaviour has affected others and why you thought reporting was essential

Why it is important to write a report on the bad behavior of the employee?

When you write this letter, it becomes the permanent part of the employee’s file. When HR takes any decision based on this report, he will attach this report as evidence of misconduct by the employee. In case the employer wants to file a case if the misconduct was a serious offense, this reported letter will help him collect all the necessary information that he might need to come up with a strong case.

Steps to follow while writing a report:

Your report should look like a professional piece of writing and it should not reflect as if you have any kind of personal grudge about the employee whose misconduct is being reported. Below are step by step instructions to help you write a strong report:

1. Explain how you investigated the violation:

People who are tasked with writing the violation report are usually expected to conduct a thorough investigation so that can be sure about what they write. So, explaining the investigation is an important piece of writing. Here, you are required to provide the names of all the employees who were seen with the subject employee who was involved in misconduct. It should also include the names of those workers who have seen other people violating the laws. The testimony of each witness should also be recorded.

2. Explain the misconduct:

After you have provided the investigation details, now you can start by explaining the violation. In this part of the letter, you will give the following details:

  • Nature of the violation to help the HR determine how offensive it was
  • A summary of the behaviour of the employee in all that violation
  • The date and time on which the violation was seen occurring
  • Names of people who have been supposedly affected by the misconduct
  • Type of language that was used all along
  • The name or description of that particular policy that has been severely violated

3. Consequences:

Since the purpose of this report is to draw the attention of higher authorities to this matter, it is important to describe the matter in such a way that everyone finds it to be as offensive as it was. So, you must come up with the repercussions of not taking any steps to control the negative behavior of the employee. This part of the letter also tells the seriousness of the matter.

4. Mention rights of the subject:

If you think that the person being reported has a right to appeal if any decision is taken against him based on this report, mention all his rights and also tell how he is allowed to respond to this report.

Sample Letter

Company Name:
Company Address


Name of Employer:

I would like to inform you of the misconduct of (name of employee). They have been involved in (state misconduct). There have been some incidents over the past few days that the time has come to lodge a formal complaint.

The actions of (name of employee) have caused a disturbance in the functioning of the department (name of department). There are several complaints from different staff members against this employee.

I hope you will look into this and take action against them.

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)
(Position in Company)

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