Memo for Phone Etiquette at Work

A memo is a kind of document used in the business world to communicate a message to all the employees. The purpose of the memo is to ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page by assuring that everyone has read the memo.

What is a memo for phone etiquette at work?

It is a type of memorandum which is used to tell everyone in the company as to how cellphones at the workplace can be used and how it should not be used. In simple words, the etiquette of using the phone at the workplace is communicated via memo.

Importance of this memo:

Cell Phones have brought so much convenience to our life. Our friends and family can reach us in no time whenever they want. While mobile phones come with lots of benefits, they are the biggest distraction of the present time.

In some organizations, it is completely forbidden to use mobile phones during office working hours. However, a memo written for phone etiquette is written when a phone is allowed to be used during working hours.

Why is a memo for mobile phone usage used?

No doubt, using cell phones at the workplace affects the productivity of the employee in the organization to a great extent. People are seen missing their important deadlines and assignments because they check their cell phone too often. In order to prevent this situation, an employer decides to write a memo in which mobile etiquettes are mentioned.

How to write the memo for cell phone manners?

In case you have never written a memo before, you might be thinking as to how to draft it effectively. Considering this problem of yours, we have provided some tips:

Give the background of the memo:

There is always a solid reason behind writing a memo at the workplace. This reason is often required to be communicated to people so that people can understand how important this memo is for them. So, when a memo regarding mobile phone etiquette is written, the employer should tell everyone that there has been a lot of usage of mobile phones while neglecting one’s duties completely. The employer can tell that the company is concerned and therefore writing this memo.

Mention mobile phone etiquettes:

After giving the background, the memo should include basic manners regarding the use of cell phones at work. There are usually more than one cell phone etiquettes. If you want to include all of them in the memo, make a list and describe each etiquette one by one. Highlight a unique etiquette that your employer has not yet been introduced by the company.

Show respect:

Sometimes, we are compelled to write this memo because we are failing to stop people from making appropriate use of mobile. In the memo, we can show our frustration. However, it is not recommended. We are recommended to write the memo in such a way that we can ask people to follow Mobile phone etiquettes mentioned in the memo gently and politely.

Show your expectations:

Since you have mentioned different ethics and etiquettes in the memo, now you are in a better position to ask people to follow them. You can also expect people to use the mobile phone as per the policy of the company.

Tips for writing the memo:

  1. To ensure that you have written the memo in the right way, check to find out if you have followed the right format. Following the format means putting the right type of content in the right places in the memo.
  2. Your memo doesn’t have to be too long. Add relevant details to it and then send it out to all the relevant people.
  3. Keep your tone polite and gentle. Even if you are angry, don’t express your anger. Rather explain it by saying that there has been so excessive use of the mobile phone during working hours in the office.
  4. Make sure that your memo is free from all grammatical errors. Since you have to send the memo to multiple people at the workplace, you should not take the risk of sending the memo to everyone without making necessary corrections.

Sample Memo Template

Re. Memo for the Phone Etiquettes at Workplace, to be Executed and Contrived Immediately

Dear Employees,

This letter serves as a memorandum for the phone etiquette in the office. This letter has been drafted to shortlist the principal manners that are to be followed during office hours. That is why it is requested to read the letter carefully and grasp the key points of this memo. These manners should be observed in the workplace to ensure the professionalism and efficacy of the working attitude in the office. The manners non-compliant to the enlisted etiquette would be cited as non-professional and hence discredited.

Offices are the places where we spend most of our day. We spend five days a week at work which means we spend almost one-third of our life at the workplace according to a recent study. Phones are one of the most essential parts of the essentials we carry with us. Without a phone, we do not feel complete and feel like not having enough around. Therefore, phones are also another important part of you in the offices as it plays important role in our work life. Without a phone, we would not be able to communicate effectively and with the fast pace of time. Therefore, we need some principal and valuable etiquette to follow while using the phone in the office.

Enlisting the etiquettes is one of the significant things to do as employees must be ascertained through the authorities and make sure the compliance. These etiquettes are shortlisted to ensure a professional and optimistic ambiance at the workplace. You are requested to follow these principal rules cum etiquette while using a phone during office timings.

First of all, it is part of phone etiquette at work to minimalize texting during work. One should use email service or calls to communicate with the other departments. Secondly, keeping your tone low at the call will be encouraged and appreciated hence a louder tone might disturb the other members working nearby. Thirdly, it is to be observed that you keep all your personal calls and text messages away from your working desk. Keeping your phone in silent mode is recommended. You are advised to refrain from bringing phones to the meetings.

Moreover, if you receive a call from another department or a client/customer, you are advised to speak politely and do not rush to hang up. Instead, you are advised to end the call by asking for further assistance. Meanwhile, it is instructed not to make the customers/clients wait by keeping them at hold on the calls. If you have to keep the caller on hold for any reason, ask them to call at another given time. Stay clear in your speaking, explain the query in an influential way, do not rush to complete your sentence in a sigh, and do not get offended in any way. If you receive any of the unprofessional or offensive calls, please report to the Human Resources Internal Affairs Management.

Following calling extensions can be used in future,

Customer Care 2119
Human Resources 2120
Public Relations Office 2122
Planning and Development 2123
Internal and Outside Sales 2130
Administrator’s Wing 2131

For more, please contact me at +[X] or write at [X]. We shall be delighted to acknowledge and respond to your queries. Thank you in anticipation.


John Philips
The Managing Director
Gross Logistics International (GLI)
G-21, 3rd Turner Road, San Francisco

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