Letter to Sales Manager for Poor Performance

An organization expects its employees to perform. An employee’s productivity affects the overall performance of the company. There are different standards of companies in regard to measurement of performance. It could range from target-meeting to bringing in new clientage.

As far as the sales department is concerned, companies pay special attention to its productivity as sales bring in direct revenues. If a sales manager or sales department is underperforming, the company will suffer. However, initially, the employer tries to avoid punitive actions and tries to resolve the issue through a formal letter addressed to the sales manager.

The underperformance of a sales manager could take various forms. Some examples of poor performance of sales manager are:

  • A sales manager was unable to meet sales targets.
  • A sales manager was not able to attract new customers.
  • A sales manager was unable to retain old customers.
  • A sales manager was unable to manage the sales team effectively and efficiently.
  • There was a big discrepancy between the budgeted and actual sales.
  • Customers/clients have made complaints against the sales manager.
  • Subordinates have made complaints against sales manager.

If the sales manager has performed poorly, the management issues a formal letter which serves as a warning letter. Generally, the following details are required in such a letter:

  • Date
  • Details of sales manager
  • Details of employer
  • The reason for the letter and details of underperformance
  • Expectations from the sales manager
  • Warning and possible repercussions in case of continual underperformance
  • Statement showing confidence in the employee

When such a letter is issued, the sales manager, usually, tries to rectify the situation as this letter is kept in the employee record and due to the highlighted poor performance, evaluation of his next performance would be even more critical.


Sample Letter to Sales Manager for Poor Performance



Dear Ms. Jennifer,

I am writing this letter to highlight the poor performance of the sales department as well as you as a sales manager in the year 2017.

According to the last year’s performance, there was a 43% discrepancy between budgeted and actual sales. You are responsible for the whole sales department and you were unable to meet the targets. The productivity of the department has declined by 32% over the past two years. The company has greatly suffered in terms of sales revenue and the profits have declined as well.

You have been our employee for five years and your performance was always exceptional. However, since you have become a manager, yours as well as the department’s performance has gone down the acceptable standards. This makes us doubtful about your managerial skills.

If the poor performance would continue, it might result in your demotion or permanent termination. This letter will be kept in your employee file and will be used for your future evaluation.

We hope to see improved performance and better results. Let us know if we can help in any way to help you in improving your performance.


James Smith.


Letter to Sales Manager for Poor Performance

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